Here I am sitting in front of my desktop while sipping on my favorite chocolate drink wondering why am I still here. You see, when your soul is still awake during unholy hours, there will be a lot of questions that will could at the back of your mind. And at the moment, I am thinking why do I still blog.
I’ve been blogging for almost 7 years now. I am not really sure tho. But I started during the stone age of friendster where I write my thoughts or my compositions through the bulletin board. And then friendster had this blogging format on notes where I can change a part of my url to become personalized. I am sorry but I forgot the details. My compositions were so juvenile that I treated it as my online journal talking about my crazy crushes and my sappy dreams.
After awhile, Tumblr existed and this has made a great impact in my life. I found great friends though they are just on the other side of the cyber world. I would spend hours and hours and hours in Tumblr because aside from writing my compositions, I can interact with other Tumblr people. This is the place where I developed a good sense of blogging. But on the other had, I also found blogspot. I was inspired by some of the popular bloggers in Manila that I read from CandyMag.
I think most of my childhood years were spent in this world wide web. Blogging is like my escape from this chaotic world. I find peace and I find it very therapeutic transcribing everything I have in my mind.
And now, I am still blogging. I even joined a group named Cebu Blogging Community because it is a reward for myself to step on the next level of blogging. I have poor communicating skills when it comes to personal interaction but when I start writing, I don’t feel I am limited. Everything is free flowing like the river in the mountains.
Writing is my passion. Writing keeps my soul burning.
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Marica, a 20-something lady who loves to explore new things in the world while juggling her life in the medical field.

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