As our age increases, our responsibilities and work loads also increases. This parallel manner in our lives can somehow decreases the time that shall be allotted to our social life. And social life should be in your triad to be able to reach the nirvana of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Most especially in my case, I’ve been going on duty from 8 hours to 36 hours and that is apartment to hospital and vice versa which eventually caused me to burn out. Surprisingly, the universe has graced me with a time to catch up with my co-bloggers with a bonus of sumptuous meal!

My status was on “Previous” duty that mean I just came from an almost 30 hours of duty and I only had 2 hours of sleep but that didn’t hinder me to go out and meet my friends. Aside from the catching up session, we also had a gastronomic experience at Kampo Grill and Bar which mainly serve American and Filipino dishes with a twist!

This restaurant has a concept of military based with military tent as the main dining area, a military tank, sandbags around the vicinity and cargo uniforms of the service crews. What I like most about the place is that it doesn’t make you feel that you are living in a busy city. The spacious area and the interiors make you feel that you are really in a military camp.

I thought they just wanted us to read newspapers while we wait to be entertained for our orders but when I looked closely, it was actually a menu. Well, this is unique! A newspaper type of menu and their dishes were also rooted from military words which is great!

Our meal started out with this Dynamite Chicken Skin which was really addicting. Though the spiciness wasn’t really what I was expecting, it was still addicting. So if you are not the spicy type of person, then there’s nothing to worry about on having your taste buds exploded.

We were served with this very delicious Crocodile Sisig. Yes, you heard it right! They serve crocodile sisig and it is a must try when you dine in at their place. It tasted like chicken but it is not a chicken. According to my co-blogger, Aldrin, it is like a level 5 chicken. 
The Meatballs Mountain is also on my top list and as you all know, I am a cheese person. I put a lot of cheese on my spaghetti and even make it as an only viand on some of my meals. Plus, you can share this with your squad since one meat ball is already enough with one person.

Remember what I said about their dishes? It is an American and Filipino dishes with a twist? Well, their sisig is one of a kind because instead from an ordinary raw egg being cooked on a sizzling plate, it is topped with a salted egg which perfectly blends with the meat. As far as I have remembered, this sisig made me crave for more rice because it is undeniably delicious.

This platter is what they called the Highblood platter and as a medical intern, I recommend to take this platter with caution. Monitor first your blood pressure! Or be sure you have already taken your maintenance medications in hypertension. But like what the cliche goes, “masarap and bawal“.

The Siracha Chicken Wings is my most favorite dish I have ever tasted from their menu. Even though it’s not as explosive as the other hot wings but like the sauce in the Dynamite Chicken skin, this is very addicting. If you don’t know what to order, then I would really recommend this one!

Dry Rub Back Ribs. The people of Cebu have been used with the type of back ribs that has more sauce and more juicy on both inside and out. But the Kampo Grill and Bar offers the different thing. Nope, this isn’t crispy pata or deep fried liempo but this is a back ribs which is rubbed with dry herbs and other seasonings! I believe this is best paired with beer!

And one of their best sellers is their Seafood platter which is composed of crabs, scallops, shrimps and fries! Well, you can replace the fries with rice if you want. Yes, it has crabs on it which you rarely see on other seafood platters you encounter! And they offer this at an affordable price which is perfect for your squad.

I believe most people want to have a quick escape from reality and a good unwinding with friends is one way to have a break from work or from adulting. The Kampo Grill and Bar not only let you experience a military vibe of dining but also a chill place for a drinking session with their sumptuous mouthwatering dishes!

The Kampo Grill and Bar is located in Ouano Avenue, North Reclamation Area, Cebu (along Cafe Racer) and is open from 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM. Their prices ranges from 75 pesos to 700 pesos which is already perfect for your squad!

Join them on their opening party on January 12, 2018 with band performances by Day 6, Stellarskin, Counterpoise Minora, CDMC, The Ambassadors and Powerspoonz! Be in your best military-inspired and win instant prizes!

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