The Best Places to Visit in Thailand

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Thailand is a beautiful country that has a lot to offer for those who want a magnificent travel experience. You can live in Thailand for years and still don’t come across all the wonderful places that are there. This is the reason why tourists from all over the world come to Thailand to see and feel it diverse, exotic, and great beauty. Read the following guide to know where you need to go to experience the real Thailand.


The best place to start revealing Thailand is its capital city Bangkok. Bangkok has many things to see. Central tourist sport situated in the heart of the city is Khao San Road. Consider booking yourself a room in a hotel somewhere near it. Khao Sah Road has great nightclubs, the best souvenir shops, famous go-go shows, and, of course, spectacular cuisine. If you’re lonely there, try pinalove to find somebody who can make you a company. Thailand’s main dish is called padthai. It is a mix of noodles, vegetables, and meat. Every place cooks padthai originally, so each time eat it you’re going to get a unique experience. Traditional Thai dishes are very pleasant, especially for the western tourists from Europe and America. The next thing you need to see is the great temple with a laying Buddha. It has one of the biggest statues of Buddha in the world. The temple is big enough to walk through it for hours. After that, take a ferry and go to Chinatown in the evening. Finally, consider visiting the aquarium because it is truly one of the best in the whole Asia. Without any doubt, you’re never going to regret your trip to Bangkok.


Samui is an island in the Siam Bay. It is famous for its clean waters. Water in the Siam Bay is so pure you’ll surely be amazed. You can see through it all the way to the bottom and it never has any trash floating on. First of all take some time to do snorkeling or diving. After that, book a tour to some of the neighboring islands to see some great exotic places you’ve never even imagined could exist on Earth. Samui is also a host for the famous Full Moon Party, one of the biggest, loudest, and funniest events in the whole Indochina. You can meet a lot of wonderful people there from all around the world. The best place to live is to rent a bungalow just by the sea. You will feel sea breeze 24/7 and the tranquility of the Siam Bay will surely make you more peaceful providing some pleasant dreams and a good night rest.  


Phuket is another island in Thailand but it is not situated in the Siam Bay. It is situated on the Adaman Sea which is better that any ocean beaches you’ve ever come across. Phuket is one of the best spots in Thailand. Start with visiting the Big Buddha temple on the top of the hill. It can be seen from almost any point of the island. Kata Noi Beach and and Kata beach are among the best. You can book a room in the hotel or rent a guest house for a relatively small price. Being in Phuket you can rent a boat to go the the island. One of the best islands you can visit is the famous James Bond island. You can also do some diving and snorkeling because the water on Phuket island is just as clean as it is on Samui. Another good option is to do surfing, kite-surfing or wakeboarding. The beaches on Phuket are very clean. You can be there all day ordering cocktails for what really is a small price. You can also hike in the mountains to see the best view from the hills. Anywhere you go on Phuket is a beautiful place because the whole island is a mix of hills, mountains, and beaches.  
All in all, Phuket, Samui, and Bangkok are the best places you can visit while being in Thailand. You can swim in the cleanest waters, do snorkeling, diving, and surfing, see the amazing temples, and, of course, enjoy the company of beautiful Thai people. 

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