Wine and City Lights at Scape Skydeck, Mactan, Cebu

Ever since senior clerkship started, my social life has slowly vanished as days go by. I could barely enjoy my whole meal without the feeling of exhaustion from duty. My meet ups with my old friends are constantly being rescheduled from next week to next month until it becomes impossible. I have missed a lot of gatherings, birthday celebrations and a lot more. I guess they were right that if your are Medical School, you got to know your priorities. I thought my personal life will be affected most especially that I am in a Long Distance Relationship with my boyfriend. And oh, speaking of my boyfriend, our travel plans have been postponed until next year. As you can see, we don’t have any recent travel posts because of senior clerkship.
But I am lucky enough to have a man like him who would travel from one island to another and spend less than 48 hours just to spend quality time with me. We are almost four years now but I still get butterflies in my stomach the same thing I had the first time we went for a date. The start of our love story wasn’t the same in the movies but we started smoothly which makes smile every time I think of it. I never thought that I would fall hard for a person who was once a stranger in my life. 
What amazes me most is his never ending efforts on making me happy. He has his simple ways and grandiose ways on making me feel love and safe under his spell. I would often tease him that he sneaked in some love potion on one of my drinks which made me say “yes” to him. We love going on formal romantic dates most especially during special occasions like birthdays, monthsaries or anniversaries. During my 25th birthday, we spent our dinner in Scap Skydeck. We got a taste of Mactan Cebu’s premier sky lounge and roof deck restaurant. We used to spend the night with a bottle of beer but the place was perfect for a glass of wine. The perfect view of the city lights, the flickering Mactan Bridge and the cold breeze completed our dining experience.

The food was a bit pricey but it was definitely worth it because you don’t usually spend a night with this kind of view and dining experience in your work place. Scape Skydeck is a quick escape from the busy life we have in the city. I could say that this was one of my favorite dates we had together and we would love to go back for another glass of wine.

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