Nowadays, people are looking for a quick escape from their hectic life in the jungle city even just for the weekend. However, some failed to do so because they just don’t know where to go, thinking that some are not fond of ass-kicking adventures. But hey! I think I know what is right for you. There is a place 800-meter above sea level in Negros Occidental which flaunts the lush green forests of Mt. Makawili. This place is actually a combination for relaxation and adventure which is a perfect venue to spend quality time with your family, friends or dear hearts.

This 5-hectare property of Mr. and Mrs. Tan has been now a famous tourist destination in Negros Occidental. It is said to be comparable to Tagaytay and Baguio due to its climate especially during dark time or early dawn. There is also the time of the year where one can go through the fog shrouding the place. So it is better to bring your cozy warmer coat during those times. But for me, the best time to visit the place is not during the peak season. So that you’ll appreciate more the beauty of each corners. Sometimes, during peak season, the flock of tourists in the place can be somehow a bit annoying.

Campuestohan Highland Resort has its unique way in accommodating their guests who wish to spend the night in the resort. Their rooms are build up in different theme and the Indiana Village is my favorite among the rest.

I guess it clearly shows that this is really my favorite because it is the only photos I included in this post. You can spend your Thanksgiving in here while putting up a bonfire and eating a Turkey!

“Kung Fu fighting! Hu! Ha!”

Aside from the themed accommodations of the resort, Campuestohan is also known for its giant displays of cartoon or fictional characters that have hit box office in the movies like King Kong and Kung Fu Panda. I chose not to take an up close of those because people has been pushing in and out just to take a good picture of it. That’s one reason why I am telling you not to go during peak season.

The first time I heard about this resort was two years ago when my friend told me that they had their team building in Campuestohan. At that time, there were only few who knew about it and most of them are just from Negros. She told me how great is the place for team building because they have this breathtaking rope course.

I was excited about trying it because I like taking new challenges in each trip I experience but when I saw it with my two eyes, I almost bawled out. I never thought that it would be this high, long and dangerous. Well, not really dangerous as it can be because they have safety measures but I directly said.. no, no, no. My sister is always the brave one and the one who never backs out. So there she goes, a 17-years old petite kid who exerted so much effort and put faith into it. While I am there beneath the course, cheering and taking pictures of her for moral support. She finished it for approximately 45 minutes which is not bad for a first timer. Unlike me, who is a great loser.

While my sister was taking a rest from afar, I roamed around the resort alone. That is why, I never had a picture of myself because I was such a loner. If my sister had conquered her fear of heights through the rope course, I, myself, have conquered my hear of heights through this metallic hanging bridge. Uh-huh! I am proud like that!

There’s more to explore around Campuestohan Resort which I haven’t mentioned. They got pools, zipline, cart wheel and many more. You can also see these giant chipped off fictional characters which I suggest to be replaced or to be repaired because they are dangerous for some kids. If you have visited this place in the early years, then probably these structures had left you dumbfounded. But if you’ll see it’s appearance recently then you’ll probably think of giving a thumbs down. I hope the management has seen this problem because actually they really gives an additional attraction for the people.

The only happy ride I’ve been to is this Merry Go Round. They’re not only for the youngsters but they can be also for adult like me! It is less dangerous but more entertaining (for me).

If you want to know more about this place and for updates, you can visit their website at Ciao!

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