Falling in love in The Little Amsterdam, Sirao Garden

Falling in love is one of the most magical feelings you’ll ever encounter in your whole existence. Every little thing turns out to be more meaningful. Simple messages like hi, hello and good morning are like sun rays that brightens up your day. However, staying in love isn’t easy as one two three because in a relationship, there are ups an downs. What makes it worth it is that you both are fighting and keeping everything up together.
I have been in a long distance relationship for almost three years. My boyfriend is working in Negros Island while I am here in Cebu, studying Medicine. It has always been a notion that when you are in Medical School, you can’t afford to have a time for your partner. But hey! I am already in my fourth year yet we are still going stronger and fatter. It is just a mixture of understanding, patience and time management.
Last February, my boyfriend and I decided to celebrate the love month at Sirao Garden which is also known as The Little Amsterdam in Cebu. I have heard about this place for almost a couple of years and been seeing pictures in the social media. I thought that this place would be perfect for couples out there to go on a date and I was definitely right about it!
The Sirao Garden is filled with these colorful ornamental plants, the Celosia flowers. Celosia is derived from an ancient Greek word, “burning” because of its flame-like flower heads. These flowers come from the Netherlands, that is why it is coined as The Little Amsterdam and has become an official flower for Sinulog.
We were fortunate enough that the habal-habal driver we got was actually a good photographer. He was directing us where to stand and at what angle should we pose. He was also like a paparazzi because he got us great candid shots when we browsed through the gallery. Plus we really look cute with our mickey and minnie mouse couple shirts. You see, I am not fond of these sappy things but there’s no harm in adding spice in our relationship.

Sirao Garden is really a cute picturesque spot even though some flowers are not yet full grown. There is also a hammock hanged under the tree where you can chill or wander through the sky. When you visit the place, I recommend bringing bug spray, dress light breezy fabrics and umbrella because it’s might rain or it can be scorching hot.
Since we went to the place around noon, we spent our lunch in a little karinderya located near the garden. We both had bopis, corn rice and soft drinks and it was very delicious. It is fun discover new things spontaneously especially when you are with your special someone. This made me fall in love with my partner even more. The view, the simple lunch and the companionship during the trip? I consider it as a romantic date.

If you have your own vehicle, you can drive up the Transcentral Highway or drive up the Busay road until Ayala Heights. You can see a road to the right beside the Nature Park and follow the signs. Well, you can also have GPS if you are having a hard time.
Another option is that you can go to JY Square in Lahug and hire a habal-habal. They charge about 150-200 pesos for a round trip and you can even add 50 pesos if you want to pass by Temple of Leah. You can opt a cab going uphill but the driver will charge you 1,200 pesos for round trip.
or you can have your own alternative transport of choice from CK and J Car Rental.
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