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Why You Should Go On A Road Trip For Once

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”, said the famous Chinere Philosopher, Lao Tzu. Well, I agree on this one because when you start to travel, everything becomes spontaneous and there are a lot of unexpected circumstances you’ll encounter on you way. So as a good traveler, you must be flexible at all times.
Last 2016, my boyfriend and I decided to go on a road trip heading north. We live in a sock-shaped island which is the fourth largest island in the Philippines with a total land area of 13,309.60 km2. Dumagute City is located on the toe area of the sock and our destination, Sipalay City, is on the heel part. That is approximately 162 kilometers with a travel time of 4-5 hours by bus or car. It was a whole new adventure for us since it was our first time to do it together and realizations dawned to me on why we should go on a roadtrip for once. It can be with your significant other, family or friends.

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Here are my five reasons why you should go to!
1. Flexibility
Everything is spontaneous. You’ll get to visit new towns you’ve never been and friends you’ve never met. This is an incredible way to explore and contemplate on panoramas of nature. You can stop any time you wan to take a picture, take a nap under the trees or taste different cuisines. If there’s a sea or a lake nearby, you can go swimming with the locals. You have the freedom to go wherever you want and how long you want.
2. Roadtrip Playlist
A road trip won’t be the best without your favorite songs on roll. It is very important to have your own copy in your phone or go premium with Spotify because there will be places with no coverage area (there is no data!). You can have your 90’s music or even from your grandmother’s classic music. You can also turn on to a local radio and discover new songs.
3. Catching up
And since there will be areas with no signal, you will be confined in small space for several hours. This is a great opportunity to bond and spend quality time with each other. This encourages to bring our deep discussions, laughter and flashback memories during the whole trip. There will be no gadgets, wifi and social media for this because everybody is busy catching up with each other. You are not “facebook-ing” but you are facing the real person!
4. Whole New Experience

If you’ve been used to traveling by air or by sea then this road trip sets a whole new experience for you. The travel time might take a little bit longer but what is important are the new memories you’re going to stacked up in your box. There will be a point in your life that you’ll look back this will give you the bliss and the contentment that you have done something incredible.
5. Appreciation of Life and Nature
A road trip gives you new opportunities along the way. New places, new experiences, new memories which all last for a lifetime not only for your self but for everyone on board. But not only these, you get to chase sunsets and sunrise that will leave us a sense of appreciation for all of the gifts that our Great Creator has given us.

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How about you? Have you gone a on a road trip before?
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  1. I loved this I cant wait to do my road trip.

  2. Go ahead and have fun 🙂

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