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Day Trip to Lakawon Island, Cadiz City

This banana-shaped island off the coast of Cadiz City has been another popular destination for both local and foreign tourists. The term Lakawon is derived from a Cebuano word “lakaw“, or “to walk“. It was said that it may have gotten its name because during low tide, you can literally walk a long distance to or from the main island. You can even walk around the island within half a day for this only measures around 16-hectares.

Lakawon Island is 48 kilometers north of the City of Smiles, Bacolod City with an hour and a half travel time. It is located along the Guimaras Strait and it can be accessible by a 15-20 minute boat ride from the port of Brgy. Cadiz Viejo, Cadiz City.

 There are sari-sari stores and stalls around the port for the tourists to freshen up or go snacking while they prep up for their short ride to the island. And of course, coconuts or “butong” are abundant in this tropical

The waves during the ride were a bit rough and I suggest bringing waterproof bags because there are times that you next blink is a big splash of sea water. After the 20 minute ride, you will be greeted with the famous boardwalk of the Lakawon Island and its crystalline, pristine blue waters. 
Everything looked pretty surreal. We all know that Lakawon Island is the talk of the town recently. It was claimed to rival the country’s summer capital, Boracay which is a famous island resort off the coast of Aklan in Panay. But basing on my observations, I could say that there is a smaller influx of tourists most especially foreign tourists. Well, maybe because it’s a newly discovered summer destination.
There are umbrella huts, canopy tents and family cottage neatly aligned along the shore. They are in different prices and since we opted for a package which only costs 680 pesos/head from a travel agency, we stayed in a canopy tent. It was scorching hot and I suggest that you don’t take it! Haha. My mom kept on telling me that the view was better if all were just umbrella huts.
I love that there are bean bags of different colors scattered around the island where you can do you can bask under the sun. You can drag it in your hut if you want to take a nap for a little while and doesn’t want to get toasted. They are limited and it’s a first come first serve basis, so better yet keep an eye on your favorite color.
There are spots that are very picturesque. The swing, this spot in the picture which looks like you are a princess and the boardwalk are very perfect for your summer ootd and instagram feed. I can sense that there is a touch of millenial taste on this one. 
While we were waiting for our lunch to be served, we strolled around the island and see what it looks like on the other side. There are Tropical Bamboo House along the way which is the cheapest accommodation of the resort. It is a fan room with a private bathroom and it is good for 2-4 people. There were houses that were left open that’s why I was able to take a little peek from the inside. 
If you are a frugal traveler and you are with your significant other, this bamboo house is enough for the both of you. I have tried fan rooms in some of my travels and I wasn’t sweltering in the inside. 
The other side of the island was an exact opposite from the side where we docked. However, I don’t recommend swimming on this part because it wasn’t clean and no one would notice you during emergencies. On this part, you are already facing the Panay Island which means I am near to Isla Gigantes! Haha. Or not.
Going back to the more populated portion of the island, we found a starfish! We loved to take it home and preserve it but then I remember that they are living things. The starfish is alive! And one thing I learned back to the days when I was teaching English classes to some Japanese, is that sea creatures or other animals shouldn’t be disturbed. You can look but you can’t touch. Huhu. I am sorry starfish, I picked you one time.

They said that Lakawon Island is a counterpart of the famous Boracay in Cadiz City but I contradict on that notion. When I was walking along the shore, I realized that this place is somewhat similar to Moalboal. It is another white sand beach in the southern part of Cebu. It also dawned to me that even though I do not know how to swim, beaches and islands fascinate me a lot more than the amusement parks. 
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If there is one reason why I want to come back, it will be this Asia’s Largest Floating Bar. The TawHai Floating Bar. TawHai means “relaxed” and I bet this surely lives up to its name. I regret not taking a chance on this during my day trip after reading a lot of relaxing experience from other people. Though the entrance fee 250 pesos was costly for a frugal traveler like me, I think it is worth it. I am planning to go back in the future with my boyfriend and probably spend a night in the island.
Lakawon Island is still on the process of developing new accommodations and new amenities for the tourists who flock in the island. Though my Tita was in charged of this trip and we opted an all-in-package (which includes the food, trasnportation and the canopy tent), I searched for the prices and how you can get to Lakawon Island.

How to get there:

From Bacolod City North Bus terminal, you can hop in a bus going to Cadiz City for only 95pesos AC or 55pesos Non AC. Then tell the driver to drop you off at the Martesan Terminal and take a tricycle going to the Port at Brgy. Cadiz Vielo. A local told us that the tricycle ride costs 120pesos whether you are alone or you are in a group of 4. So you better hitch a ride to some tourist and split the 120 pesos. Then a pumpboat will take you to Lakawon Island, 250 pesos per person (roundtrip). Resorts’s Entrance fee is 100 pesos.

TawHai Bar’s entrance fee is 250 pesos per person with a free drink of your choice.The family cottage, canopy tent and umbrella hut costs around from 600pesos to 1,500 pesos. Corkage fee is 50 pesos per person but you can opt to order your meals in their restaurant.

I am not really good on this breakdown of expenses or costing whatever. My apologies if your are having a hard time reading the upper part. Anyway, my overall experience in Lakawon Island was excellent and I would love to go back and experience it all over again.
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