Perth Paradise Resort, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental

This breathtaking view of islets in Sipalay is one of their famous tourist spots. This is the view you’ll see whenever you search for Sipalay in Google. For me, it is like small Chocolate Hills scattered on the sea. I thought we were able to see the sunset since we arrived in the place at around  5 pm. However, the weather was not cooperating that time and all we saw was gray clouds.

Before you reached the pool, you have to climb about 100 steps and I tell you, it wasn’t that easy. But good thing they have this portion where you can walk a little before proceeding to the succeeding steps.

While you go up, you’ll get to see a closer look on those islets beside. Now they don’t look like chocolate hills but it is like a huge rock with trees growing on its body. The entrance fee was 180 pesos and the pool use was 100 pesos.

And here, we reached the top. Basically, this post is going to be 80% photos of us with the pool and the view. We didn’t have so much time to roam around and take pictures since the place was very isolated and quiet. Actually, there is nothing so much about the place except the famous scenery.

We traveled on a holiday which explains why we are the only people in the resort. The staff told us that they also have guests but maybe they were in the Sipalay proper, We almost booked in the place because they had a Cabana which was only 1,300 pesos but when I checked for reviews, they weren’t that fascinating. Good thing we didn’t take the deal because when we saw it with our own eyes, I find it very uncomfortable. Well, maybe for those frugal backpackers would go for it.
In my own perception, Perth Paradise is better for day use if you are someone who’d love to go from one place to another. It is around 15 minutes away from the city proper and the road going to Perth was a rocky one. It’s like going uphill on a rocky mountain. The place is perfect for those who wants to relax and meditate. The staff told us that their room has a cable connection but wasn’t sure about the wifi connection.
Their pool closes at 6:00 pm. We only had an hour to enjoy the view and the place and the pool but it was worth it. I guess the place is better when you are with your circle of friends or families and you spend it on a sunny day. The contrast on your vision of those islets would be perfect. It is really different once you get to see this scenery with your own eyes rather you see it on pictures. And of course, your Sipalay adventure won’t be complete without visiting Perth Paradise Resort 🙂
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