Happy New Year! And this means a new planner! Choosing a planner isn’t easy as one two three because when December is approaching, you’ve got a lot of planners to choose from. You got Starbucks, CBTL, from the online shops and a lot more! But only one has caught my interest and that is the Belle De Jour!
I’ve been eyeing on this since 2014 but due to insufficient funds, I only used the ordinary calendar that can be bought at any bookstore. And then 2016 came when my boyfriend gave me a BDJ planner as a gift. I was overjoyed! I was able to use some of its coupons but unfortunately, most of them can only be used in Metro Manila areas. And now 2017 is coming, I was blessed with another BDJ planner from my boyfriend. Thank you so much bubthy because I am still a Certified Bella!


The planner has its own Menstrual Tracker which is really important because you’ll able to see if how many days is your cycle or if you have regular or irregular cycle. But remember that this menstrual tracker is to simply track your menstrual periods for medical purposes and it is not particularly designed for birth control.
Don’t you know that putting up a Dream Board is another way of Law of Attraction. I heard a lot of successful stories about those people who put up their own dream board. You can be ambitious as you want to be. Fill this with your goals, your dreams and how you picture your self five years from now.
Here are some pages that can be found in the planner:
 2017 Goals
Attitude of Gratitude
2017 Checklist
The term ikigai comes from two Japanese words: iki – life;alive and kai – effect, result or fruit. This is a Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being”. It is said in the planner that the purpose of life is to discover your ikigai that guides you to know yourself better and helps you balance your choices in life.
The planner comes with a magnetic bookmark which you can use for your pocketbooks and school books. I like the layout of the planner because it’s simple and the pastel colors are not painful to my eyes. There are little inspirational notes placed on top and at the bottom of each page.
The last few pages of the planner is a Cash Flow Tracker and this is great for those who want to budget their money wisely.
Here is the most exciting part of the planner, the Perks of a Bella Booklet. It has this sleek shiny Lifestyle Card 2017 which serves as your identification card as a Bella.


Belle de Jour Planner  would never be the same without  their coupons worth 40,000. I am glad that this time, SM Parisian is back in their list because it is one thing that they missed from 2016. If you are going to purchase this planner, it is really worth it because of its coupons.
Your planner is your bestfriend, partner in crime, life coach and confidante! Haven’t decided which planner to get? Well, BDJ is perfect for all the women out there 🙂
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Marica, a 20-something lady who loves to explore new things in the world while juggling her life in the medical field.


  1. Been using BDJ for quite a while now. Every year, there's something from them that I'm using. I love it. 🙂 But my main planner right now is from CBTL. Glad you already have your BDJ planner at last.

  2. Just like Hannah I am not much of a planner. I love spontaneity and serendipity but I also recognize the need to be reminded of the upcoming schedule of appointments. I will use a planner but it would not be as cute as yours.

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