Have you ever felt like giving up, flip all the papers and leave everything behind? You feel like giving up because it seems the best that you gave wasn’t good enough. You are already tired pushing to the limits and spill all your efforts but nothing is progressing. All of us want to survive, excel and achieve the goals we’ve been dreaming for. Whether this is medical school or not, we want to be the best in our chosen field. Who doesn’t? I want you to sit down and reflect if you are doing it right.

During our Surgery Clinics with Dr. Dale Pasco, he shared us some tips on how to be the best medical student. Some may be not in your routine but the best way to try thi is now.

1. Sleep early.
This is top on his list and we all know how essential to us is sleep. Like what my classmate told me during MedTech board exam review, sleep is a weapon! But according to Dr. Pasco, there is an appropriate time for sleeping and that is from 10:00 pm – 12:00 mn. At this time, your melatonin hormone is already secreted in your body system and your brain and body have the opportunity to get all the non-REM and REM they need to function optimally. Take not that you only need 7-8 hours of sleep. So for example: when you sleep at 10:00 pm, you should wake up from 5:00 AM to 6;00 AM and probably, review some notes that you have studied from the night before. Remember, if you’ll function well if you have enough sleep.

2. Eat healthy. Eat vegetables.

They say that in Med School, it is not only survival of the fittest but also the survival of the fattest. When in stress, the student tend to consume a lot of food to compensate the lack of sleep and the exhaustion they are experiencing. Other’s call it: stress eating. And because we are already in a fast paced era, we cling on what’s already available like instant noodles or instant fast food. These are the with high in calories, cholesterol and preservatives. That is why there is already a high population who suffer from hypertension, stroke or diabetes because of the unhealthy lifestyle.
Dr. Pasco mentioned about Daniel in the Bible. He preached that Daniel ate vegetables for ten days and became intelligent times 10 in the next three years. Even in the Bible, it has been proven how can the vegetables make you very efficient. He also shared about this certain student who only ate vegetables and followed a healthy lifestyle topped their classes.
3. Pray always.

The last but the most important tip that Dr. Pasco told us was to pray always. I believe in “10% work and 90% faith” because with God everything is possible. All the hard work that we do becomes worthy and with meaning when it is joined with prayer. He will help you to surpass the trials you are experiencing in Medical school and ease the pain from the failures you had. 
Take this verse with you. “I can do anything with Christ who strengthens me. ~Phil. 4:13”
It is very important to have discipline in your self on what you should do in order to become a Medical Student. We may all have our own way to ace in Medical School but remember that we should stay fit physically, mentally and spiritually because in the near future, we will be super heroes saving lives.
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  1. Sleep is so important! But we can't always follow the same appropriate time for sleeping because we all have different body needs so for me it depends on what works for our body and our daily lifestyle. 🙂 I do agree that adults should have 7-8 hours of sleep even though it's tempting to sleep the whole day! Haha. Oversleeping can make us groggy and even weaker.

  2. I was planning to take a medical course before and good that my mind changed. I party a lot instead of sleeping, I play instead of eating and I often pray. If I'd be like this in a medical course, don't know if I'd still be the best.-Jay

  3. I really agree with those three tips! Especially sleeping.. body needs to rest to regain lost energy and eating noursihes body. This is why I love em both 😉

  4. These tips are really important. I was so abusive of my body back in college and because of that I get sick all the time.

  5. What a dead simple list you got there! If all hope is gone, it's best to pray. 🙂 Maybe add another tip for those people who don't believe in God? 🙁 I really do believe in God and I just wanna help out those who don't.

  6. When I was a student, I never had a structured studying habit. A lot of people say that only if I studied as much as others do, I'd graduate with honors. I couldn't study hard. I'm the kind of person that has a short span of attention. I may not have been diagnosed properly before but it was evident that I had ADHD.

    In short, I was not a good student my entire life. I'm thankful, though, that I got to graduate and finished my studies and even passed the board exams.

    Ah. This made me reflect that I really was a bad student. HAHAHA!

  7. I wonder how can you sleep early if daghan buhatonon? 🙁

  8. Being a medical student is really tough. That's why student who took up medical courses really need an enough rest. Yes! I agree, having enough sleep is the necessary one 🙂

  9. AJ

    Sleep – Eat – Pray

    Being a Medical Student is really tough. I was amazed how you managed to study ans still do your thing in blogging and other stuffs.

    Guess I was a bad student after all. I love both sleeping and eating but I don't pray that much. For I believe that praying is useless without doing really hard to get what you pray. Anyway, maybe its just me coz I am an agnostic Catholic but don't get me wrong, I do believe in higher beings too.

  10. Great tips and that definitely works. There's no use stressing yourself out because your brain cannot retain it and whatever abuse you do, it all goes back to your body in the future. Definitely not the best way to be a med professional, right?

  11. It's like love yourself first before you love others. Back in college, it's like stress and me are bestfriends. Never really had much rest though I thought I deserved it. We should never abuse our bodies because this is our temple. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

  12. Super interesting tips that could be applied to bloggers as well. While sleep is very important, many people seems to sacrifice this first when confronted with something super stressful. If you do not have enough sleep, most likely you will be praying a lot all during exam time. 😉

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