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Best Grill Tocinohan in Dumaguete: Escarda Tocinohan

One of the reasons why I fell in love with Dumaguete City is its inexpensive food destinations and one of this is Escarda Tocinohan. Named after its owner, who is also a faculty of Silliman University, this famous tocinohan is not only known for its affordable price but they also serve the most tasty barbecue sauce in town. It comes with two flavors which is the original sauce and the spicy sauce. Spicy sauce is my favorite!


They have isaw, chorizo, chicken feet, pork fat and other barbecue that I couldn’t name. But all of them are so delicious! And by the way, these are best paired with batchoy and cold softdrinks which is also available. They have free anchovies for appetizer.
My favorite is the tocino barbeque and the isaw barbeque! Their isaw tastes good and it doesn’t tastes bitter for you to notice. I have been eating here for numerous times already and I don’t have any problem with my stomach. Mind you, I easily get stomach ache if food were served dirty.


Unlike in Cebu, the puso or the hanging rice in Dumaguete is as big as your fist. It is 10 pesos only with a couple of puso, you are already full, its as if you have eaten in buffet of barbecue.
If you are planning to visit Dumaguete and into a meaty barbecue, don’t forget to experience the best grill tocinohan in town. They open at 5-6 pm, so make sure you come early because their barbecue display sold out fast. This is located at Dr. Locsin Street in front of ACSAT.
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  1. My family is planning to go back to Dumaguete soon, keeping this noted ahaha! – Gee

  2. I've been to Dumaguete but missed out a day for a food hopping adventure. The next time I'll be there, I'll surely not pass the opportunity to EAT.EAT.EAT!

  3. I wish to visit Dumaguete soon to try their food. When I went there twice, I wasn't able to try local food because I just attended a wedding and the second trip was just a "lay-over" so we just ate at Jollibee and Dunkin Donuts. I did bring Silvanas though. I love tocino!! Hope to visit that place soon.

  4. Isawww and chicken skin are my favorite and pork fats hahaha i love it paired with batchoy. Geez why am I reading this midnight? I'm now hungry ;(

  5. I've never heard if this eatery before. Will definitely check this out when I go back to Dumaguete City next month. 🙂

  6. Ooooh. This kind of sounds like Yakski Barbeque! I hope this tastes better than Yakski though. Hehe.

  7. Literally just had barbecue for dinner before reading this! Hahaha. There are a few places here in Cebu that are pretty good, but my all-time favorite would still be the one from my home of Surigao that's near the pier area. Their flavor is just so unique and delicious and I've yet to find anything similar to it. 🙂

  8. I think I've dined in this grill place you speak of, too. I just couldn't clearly remember.

    One thing that I love about Dumaguete even more than the inexpensive food is the laid-back feeling it gives you despite being a city.

    That's why I always love going back every Christmas. Too bad, we couldn't celebrate Christmas in Dumaguete anymore because my siblings and I are all adults now.

  9. Oh! Haven't found this when I visited Dumaguete. I love bbq jud. hahaha. Thanks for this. Let me try their bbq once I will get back to Dumaguete. 🙂

  10. Marica, the food blogger, is making me gutom so early in the morning. I should ask my friend in Dumaguete to invite me there para makatilaw ko aning mga bbq.

  11. Ganahan kog tocino but pag bata ra! Karun puol na kaayo siya peroooo I'll give an exception to this one because anything bbq is yummy raba jud! (for me haha!) galaway na nuon ko daaaa

  12. AJ

    Why I just know this now? I have been to Dumaguete twice already yet, I haven't tried this? huhu..
    I will try this when I visit again Dumaguete. Tocino Barbeque ! Maghintay ka lang!

  13. Kalami gud… I am pretty annoyed doing comments at midnight but I guess nakabalos na gyud mo nako. I will check out if I end up in your Dumaguete.

  14. Hala, Dok, this is unhealthy! Haha! Btaw, I've been trying my very best to limit pork in my diet. Looks really mouthwatering though.

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