A week from now, first semester will end and then the most awaited 2-week semestral break follows. However, you have to go through the storm in order to see the rainbow. This one week consists of 4 final exams and 4 shifting exams which is a total of 8 major exams. Final exams and shifting exams weigh the same for me. 

Being a Medical Student is not the same like the experience you had in college. This is four times difficult and very demanding. Since our school still practices traditional teaching, I have to be present at all lectures because attendance is a must. Everyday, I have to wake up 6 in the morning because classes starts at 7:00 AM. Good for me that my apartment is just walking distance from school. Some doctors come early before 7:00 AM and they sometimes lock the door or give surprise quiz whenever they see only a small number of students are present. 
Now that I am already a third year medical student and a junior clerk, here are some of the few things I learned from Medical School.

1. It is okay to be absent.
This contradicts from my last statement which is “attendance is a must”. Whenever I have a major exam on that particular day, I usually skip my first subject in the morning. I have pulling an all nighter lately and I need extra hours for sleep or else I would be sleeping during the exam. However, this is applicable for those doctors who doesn’t mind the attendance sheet or who doesn’t give surprise quizzes. So far, I didn’t miss a quiz due to my absences.
2. It is okay to throw away one exam for the other exam.
I learned this term “throw away” when I was in second year. I have subjects on which I have my strength and some subjects that no matter how much I study, I still fail. There are also other subjects that has a highest mortality rate. So there are times that I tend to throw away those subjects that I can easily retain and spend the night on one subject that is really difficult. But be sure that you can pass all the exams for that day.
3. It is okay to study on old test papers.
This is a controversial one because some doctor doesn’t recommend studying on old test papers. That is why they don’t give recall questions anymore.They also find it very unfair because students won’t read on the book or print outs anymore because they will just have to memorize the answer for each question. But for me, this is okay as long you do your own rationale and confirm the answers from the book. This will serve as a reviewer for you once you have studied everything from your lecture.
4. It is okay to sleep the whole night.
There are days that we don’t have exams but they say that whether you have exams or not, you still need to study in advance. But I have this motto for myself which is, “SLEEP IS A WEAPON”. Don’t feel guilty if you “accidentally” slept the whole night because you were tired as a dog. You need to relax and rest for awhile in order for your brain to function well.
5. It is okay to go partying.
This doesn’t apply to myself because I don’t go night outs anymore. But it’s always been a cliche that in Medical School, you have no social life. But hey, you are wrong. You can spend your friday night going out with your friends or going somewhere that is far from your day-to-day life. Unwind and shake your bunbuns a little while. But always remember to be a responsible drinker, a party goer or a responsible night out person. Don’t let it ruin your study plans for the next day because you have a hang over or you are extremely exhausted.
6. It is okay to procrastinate.
Procrastination can be the culprit on not getting things done in the whole day. In Medical School, we usually have papers to submit or assignments for the following day. But instead of managing your time properly, you have these a couple to triple hours lying down on your bed just scrolling through your social media feed. Well, that is okay because it is another form of relaxing your mind. If you are a home buddy then this would be your own version of “partying”. And sometimes, you get great ideas when you are on an adrenaline rush and that is hours before the deadline. That is okay but don’t practice it too much because in the end, you’ll be the only one to suffer.
There are still a lot of things I have in my mind but these are top 5 that I can share. There are a lot of “it is okays” but these should not give you the reason not to study hard, excel in class or pass your subjects. You should still be responsible in all your acts because you are the only one to benefit or suffer from your actions.
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Marica, a 20-something lady who loves to explore new things in the world while juggling her life in the medical field.

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  1. Same things I learned in college as an IT student. But yah, maybe it's more difficult in medical school. But we have our own struggles. Truth be told, we are just humans, more like students. It's okay to take a break, or do something stupid. What's important is we learn from our mistakes and experiences. Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts! 🙂

    x, Kat of Nested Thoughts

  2. This must be a good help for other medical students as well. We all human and we deemed to practice things like what normal people do even you're in Mid School. I simply can't imagine how exhausting it is to be in medical school. I was also dreaming to become a Medical Doctor during my grade school, but it fades when I grow older. Hehehehe

  3. 1 to 6 is definitely ok but not at the same time. But maybe I am wrong because if party on Friday, you might sleep the whole Saturday and procastinate because of the hangover which makes you just review old test papers. Since you don't have time you will be forced to throw away an exam and miss the morning class. So the lesson is Do Not Party Too Hard! 😉 Am i right?

  4. Everybody has their own struggles. But one thing that everyone must do is to really not be so uptight about everything. Be able to take it slow and take a breath every once in a while because at the end of the day, life is really just about balance. 🙂

  5. I remember back in college when my friends and I would party knowing that we had an exam or a paper to be submitted the next day. We do crazy things in school and that makes everything fun. However, I'd say you know yourself well. Back then, when I felt that the test was easy for me, then I'd take a break and go out. When I felt that I really needed to study, then I'd spend the entire night studying. Hehe. We just need to make sure we can take care of ourselves. Good luck on your exams Mika. 🙂

  6. Sleep is very important no matter what. I don't think you should skip on it because if you do, whatever you have studied that night before usually just goes down the drain. You will feel groggy and sleepy and moody the entire day so it isn't really worth it. Plus, you can't make up for the sleep you've lost, right, doc? Whatever stress you put into your body…it will get back at you maybe not now but sooner it will.

    So don't stress yourself out too much. 😀

  7. studying medical seems to be forever. That is what people instill on us before. But if it is really your passion, well, forever will just be a wink of an eye. Though most of the things you listed above count to all college courses, I think medical is really tough. Aja on your exams!


  8. I have my fair share of procrastination moments when I was in college. I had a whole night sleep forgetting that I have a moving exam on my anatomy class the following day. I end up studying on a bus on the way to school. Haha! I have this question I asked myself right every after a not so good situation that would always bring me back to my senses that it's ok and it's not yet the end of the world. haha! I asked myself: (but did you die?)

  9. Wow! I can relate to this. Super relate when I was still in college, I was a nursing student and those points mentioned above are really on point.

  10. Hahaha reminded me of my college days.. we used to get some sleep the night before the exams… hahaha
    But partying on exam week is a no no, we can't afford to do 1-6 in the list at once else we're dead hahahaha.

  11. I am an architecture student and I can also relate to this post especially with being absent and going out. I have some medical friends who I believe can relate to this so I might share this to them.

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