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What’s inside of the (my) Medical Student’s bag?

Ever had a feeling of curiousness of what’s inside of someone’s bag? Not being a nosy person (or am i?), I have been watching videos entitled “What’s in my bag?” in Youtube. I watched the video of the foreign and local celebrities, famous youtubers and even the medical students who are in youtube. So I decided to make my own version in my blog.
Let’s start with my bag. It is a tote brown bag which was given by mom. She bought it in Lazada and I have a feeling of uncertainty that this is not the original one. How ever I liked because it has a huge space inside which can carry all my school things, beauty essentials and other stuff that I need for school.

Floral Pouch – This was given by my boyfriend’s sister and I use it as a wallet. What is great about this is that I can carry it around by hanging around my wrist. I am such a forgetful person and I sometimes leave things carelessly anywhere.
School Identification Card – First of all, ID is very important because of the No ID, No Entry policy. I also need a valid student identification card wherever I go most especially travelling because of the Studen’ts Discount

Prima and Romoss Power bank – Next is my “Prima” — my mobile phone and my power bank which was given by my boyfriend. He bought this in Lazada at a very good discount. I have been using mobile data lately for research and of course, social media. So it is a must that I always bring my powerbank.
Green Notebook – Unlike college, I have different notebooks for different subjects, but in Med School, I only have one notebook. This is where I take down notes on all subjects so that it is easy for me to flip back to the pages whenever I review for quizzes.
Belle de Jour Power Planner – This is a Christmas gift from my boyfriend. I used to have a Candy school planner because it is affordable. This is where I put all my expenses, my shifting scores and schedules for shiftings, clinics and quizzes.

Small black notebook – This is from Venzistyle and I bought it in National Bookstore. I bring this during History and PE because this is where I put my draft and transfer it to a yellow paper for submission. When our Doctor is lecturing, I also jot some notes in here.
Small calculator – I started bringing this when we had a lecture Pediatrics which is about Fluid and Electrolytes and decided it to bring it always for future use.
Pencil case with pens and higlighters – Of course, you don’t go to the battle with out your armors. And every Medical student needs it!
Stethoscope, Penlight and thermometer (on the second photo) – for duty in clincis! Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, we have clinics from 10am -12 nn except for those doctors who schedule it on weekends. We usually go to Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center for Patient History and PE and these are my only diagnostic tools I bring. We are in group so I rely on my classmates for another tools like blood pressure, reflex hammer, ophthalmoscope, otoscope and etc.The penlight is my favorite because I can use it as a flashlight at night. 🙂

Anyway my stethoscope is a Classic II Littman with a color of raspberry.

On the second photo:
Plastic folder – this is where I place all the attendance sheets (because I am the class secretary) and some power point print outs for the lectures.
Maxwell and Pocket Guide to Bate’s P & E – aside from my diagnostic set and black notebook, I also bring them with me during clinics in case there are maneuvers and tests I forgot to perform. It also helps me to come up with a good written history.

USB  and Keys – This is where all my power points for case presentation and reporting, important files are places. And the keys are for my apartment.
Rosary – This was given by my boyfriend when he went to Simala, Sibonga.
Guide for History Taking, PE and Diagnostic for Pediatrics and IM Platinum – I don’t bring them everyday, only during our clinics in Pedia and IM for references.

Comb and Vitress Hairpolish – There are times that my hair becomes dry and frizzy and it would made me look like a weird lion. 
Alcohol and baby lotion – Before touching my face for a retouch, I always first clean my hands with an alcohol. Sometimes, my hands and skin get dry due to the coldness of air conditioner or the the cold weather, my baby lotion always come in handy. 
Clean and Clear Oil Control sheets – If my skin gets dry, my face gets oily that is why I have these sheets in my bag. I use them before applying powder on my face to avoid pimples.
Sanicare Cleansing (Wet) Wipes and Sanicare Hankies – I use this if I feel that my face is very dirty. And the hankies are for nature’s call and others.
Johnsons Baby Powder, L’oreal True Match Pressed powder and Cover girl Blush – I bring baby powder in case I don’t want to use my pressed powder. My shade on the pressed powder is sun beige/beige soleil and my shade on the blush is rose silk. 
Kissproof Menow Lipliner and Revlon Matte Balm – Kissproof’s shade is 05 and I use it as a base for my Matte Balm with a shade of Fiery Flamboyant and Sultry Sulfureuse. 
Sunnies  Shades – I forgot the name of my shades. I sometimes bring this during sunny days because my eyes are very sensitive to light.
Ventolin Inhaler – I know this is irrelevant to this segment but anyway,  I am asthmatic since birth and I already have history of previous hospitalizations due to asthma, pneumonia and acute bronchitis.


I always bring this in my bag since there is a small compartment inside. I am a tea lover and the chamomile tea is my favorite. I also bring coffee with me whenever I feel sleepy or groggy during lectures. And of course, oreo for  my stomach. But sometimes, I buy outside if I lack these.


I place my “girl thingies” in a zip lock for emergencies. Even though I know when is my period because I have a regular cycle, I still bring pads and panty liners for anyone who needs it in the classroom. Extra underwear and feminine wash. Toothbrush and toothpaste. Shampoo sachets. Well, this is for the preparation of zombie apocalypse. haha. No, seriously these are my travel essentials but I bring them to school for emergencies like what I said.

You can’t find this in my bag because I usually carry it around but don’f forget to re-hydrate your body most especially you are a Medical Student. Aside from coffee and other liquid stimulants, this is the most important liquid you should take.
How about you? What is in your bag?
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