Is Davao City not safe anymore?

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We all know that Davao City was awarded as the 5th safest city in the world due to its very low crime index rate which is 18.18 and high safety index rate which is 81.82. The city was led by the previous mayor and now our beloved president, Mr. Rodrigo Duterte. Though I haven’t been to the city but hearing stories and experiences from my classmates who are from Davao convinced me that is the one of the most beautiful place to visit.
However, last night, September 2, 2016 the bomb explosion in Roxas Night Market in Davao City rocked the whole country. It was supposed to be a TGIF for everyone who were very tired and stressed from work and school. It was supposed to be another income generating night for those hardworking vendors in the market. Unfortunately, someone who has no heart and conscience chose to be villain and ruined the night. Investigations are yet to be finished but one speculation is it was the Abu Sayaff group who is responsible for this merciless bombing.
What saddens me most is the divided reactions from the fellow Filipino people. Some showed sympathy to the victims while some were blaming the President because of his campaign on the war against drugs and terrorists. Where is the unity of all the Filipino people? Are we only good when it comes to Manny Pacquiao boxing fights?
Now, the question is, Is Davao City not safe anymore?
My answer is NO. They labeled it as a “safe city” because of the numbers that were gathered but in reality, it was never safe. Even Cebu City is not safe. Even my apartment is not safe. Even your home, my parents’ home and everyone’s home is not safe. Anything can happen. Unpredictable things can happen. There could be an explosion not because of the improvised bombs made by the terrorist but it could be an LPG tank left open. There could be a fire not because enemies poured kerosene around the building but it could be due to a short circuit. There could a drunk driver who accidentally ran over two students on the sidewalk. Even you while reading this or typing on your computer is in danger. What if your computer suddenly heats up and explode? Can you say that you are safe.
See? So don’t ever tell us that Davao City is not safe anymore because of the current tragedy that happened. Why not give a helping hand to those who are in need rather than mocking at our President and telling him that he was too boastful that it startled the witches and the monsters. Or why don’t you keep your mouth zip if you don’t have nothing good to say. You should be thankful enough that you are safe, your families are safe and your friends are safe. Losing a loved was never been easy.

So what is the solution of this when nowhere is safe?

Extra precautions. Be mindful on everything you do. Be aggressive and vigilant. You already know that. You mother has even told you that. We really don’t know what might happen to us at any moment. Just be careful. Most importantly is ask for guidance. Pray. Pray for yourself. Pray for everybody. That is why we have to repent, pray and praise our God. It is Him who knows best. And miracles do happen everyday. 
My dear fellow countrymen, let’s pray for the victims and families who are affected in this tragedy. Let’s ask God, Our Father Almighty to heal our country and the whole world from all the bombings, killings and ugly happenings.
Stay strong Davao.
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