Since the boom of the internet and the availability of data usage in our mobile phones, social media has already taken its part to our everyday lives. It became an appetizer of our morning before taking our proper breakfast. It became our snacks in between work hours or classes because it comes handy like a finger food. If we are happy, we announce it. And if we are sad, we dramatically post a status or a quote that would briefly summarize our depressing day. 
But what’s more worrisome is that it has become a place where people could vent out anger or frustrations about someone else. It became a police station where anyone could file a complaint without thinking the legalities or even do research about some facts. Some don’t realize that social media has become another form of community where rumors are spread in less than a second because it is only on the power of our fingertips.


Always be wary on anything you post in the social media because this could be an evidence of obnoxious act on you. Learning from the recent convention that I joined, a lawyer once said that even  though the law for cyber crime is still on going, you can still be sued libel by defaming or cast aspersions on someone at any forms. That is why she suggested that if you are disappointed on someone’s services or personality, inhale and exhale for about ten seconds and think about it. Think if it is really necessary or think other forms of remedial on the issue.
  1. Is it true?
  2. Is it helpful?
  3. Is it important?
  4. Is it necessary?
  5. Is it kind?
I know that we are all entitled to our own opinion but to defame another person is very immoral. We can express our thoughts in a manner that no one gets bullied or gets hurt because we are already adding damage towards that person. Post responsibly.


Not all the people in the social media has the same level of our thinking. Some may not be educated about the issue and some may not understand the core. Don’t hate but educate. If you know better, educate his or her. Like for example – doctor shaming. Some may not understand what’s the real score of doctors during their duty, most especially they go on 36 hours. Painful to know but there are some people who aggressively throw hurtful notions against the doctors. One of these is them saying, “Kunin ang lisensya!” Being a Medical Student or a doctor, be the one to educate them. Dr. Helen Madamba said that you could send a private message on that person (basher) with your explanation regarding the matter and always leave your contact information if they have any questions. Do not leave an issue untouched. Through this, it would make a ripple effect. Eventually, a lot of people will understand on what is really happening. 
Always remember that we should take responsible on everything we post in the social media because this reflects ourselves. Just like what Ms. Paula Salvosa, the famous amalayer, said that if you are have hurt, you give hurt, if you have love you give love.  So if you have both then why not give the lighter part which is love.
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Marica, a 20-something lady who loves to explore new things in the world while juggling her life in the medical field.

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  1. Great work on giving social media metaphoric roles. I loved them! 😀

    Everyone gets intellectually shamed online; "Oo ikaw na matalino.", "Eh di wow. Ikaw na suma cum laude.", etc. It's not just us Filipinos. I guess it's human nature. Despite being bashed, smart people know what to do and that's exactly what Dr. Madamba had said.

    When given the right tools, humans can annihilate each other in forms worse than death.

    I'm on you in this one. 🙂 #NoToSmartShaming #NoToShamingAtAll

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