Love at first hello

Saturdays are supposed to be days where you can toss up your works and school related stuff up in the air because you don’t have to wake up early on the following days. But since clinics started, it used as a make-up session for those hours that were not taken during the weekdays. Before, we used to have Pediatrics and Internal Med clinics but now Surgery added to our list. But since our IM shifts doctors quarterly, it is now eradicated. Knowing that Saturdays aren’t vacant anymore, I felt robbed. Nevertheless, we have to attend on our clinics, most especially, I am the leader in Surgery clinics. I am a Medical student and soon to be a Medical Doctor, so I have to be flexible with my time. 
Last Saturday was our first exposure in the GS trauma and it was my first time to witness how busy a hospital it can be at night time. I informed the GS resident doctor that we are already in the hospital and then suddenly, my phone rang. “Hello, doctora!” That was the first thing I heard from the other line. It was like love at first hello? At that moment, I felt that my world slowed down and I giggled inside me. Is this Resident Doctor called me Doctora? I really wanted to interrupt him by saying “Can you repeat it again Doc? Please?” But no, he just relayed some instructions to me since he was currently at the Operating Room and he can’t meet us at that moment. He referred us to another doctor in duty and then our duty started.
The simple greeting made my night and until now, I still get butterflies in my stomach whenever I remember what he called me. My complain about Saturday make up sessions suddenly went off and it inspired me to go on more clinics like this. It was like quick peek on who I am going to be in the future. I will be a Doctora! And that what currently drives me every time I feel like procrastinating and lazy to function.
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