Mark 11:24 NIV

I have been anxious regarding my status in Med School because until now there is no definite decision yet whether I passed Second Year or not. I posted about the fear of failure and I was talking about my Pharmacology subject because supposedly I will be taking a Removal Exam and a Case Study to comply with my hanging grade. I got 66 and the passing was 70. My only hope was my Research because they said that it can help pull up my grade. I gave so much effort in preparing for my report and for the Q&A portion of my research defense. I prayed so hard to Mama Mary, Papa Jesus, Lord God and to Sr. Sto. Nino to give me strength and courage to face this trial.
After the defense, I prayed and told them that I humbly embrace the consequence of taking the Removals and Case Study but I asked them the strength I need to go through the phase. Before I left Cebu to go home in Dumaguete, I read a post in our page that I passed Pharmacology with the consideration of Research. I was in great joy and I gave thanks to the Lord,  Mama Mary, Jesus and Sto. Nino. 
I never stopped praying. I prayed for my Surgery because during the bimonthlies, there were no grades posted after an exam. I didn’t know what is my status on that subject. Unlike General Pathology and Clinical Pathology that I was so obsessed in computing my grades to know my status. I even asked my boyfriend to compute it for me to be sure. Yes. I have this Paranoid feeling.
There are still few subjects that weren’t announced whether I passed Second Year.  And so, I am praying for more strength and to keep my faith higher on this case. I really want to become a Junior Clerk and become a doctor soon.
This verse was given to my classmate, Leah. And this is what keeps me going while waiting for the results.
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  1. I know how Med students feel because I have a best friend like one. She's the smartest that I know and yet she still feels pressure above all things. I commend Med students like you, too. Keep the fight going and just know that with prayers, you can brave anything! 🙂

    Mimi | Chasing Bleu

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