Silliman Visit.


Silliman Oriental Hall

This is coined as the oldest standing America structure in the Philippines. This is also the first building built during 1901 in Silliman.  It is said that the architecture is reminiscent of the Stick style type of architecture that resembles American building in late 19th century. The materials that were used in this building were salvaged from an old theater in New York. On the present time, this hall serves as a anthropology museum of the University. It was rumored that Japanese left an abundant of gold mine beneath the building but until now, no one has ever got hold of this gold.


East Quadrangle

This is where Engineering students usually hold events like Engineering Week, Miss Gay Engineering and Miss Engineering. During Founder’s Day, Tipon is held also in this place where Silliman alumni will get to meet their old colleagues and classmates.
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