Dinner Date at Tiera Alta, Valencia


After a month, we met again. I just realized that we only meet once a month which is really sad. I am in Cebu attending Medical School while he is in Negros working as an Engineer. Basically, we are in a Long Distance Relationship. But that didn’t stop us from growing and keeping our bond because our love is more than the distance. April 21, 2016 marks our 25th month.

We are on our second year now as a couple yet he still gives me butterflies in my stomach whenever we see each other. He still spoils me with roses and roses and roses. I know two years is a little compared to other’s 5 years of relationship but it seems that we are together since God knows when.




Not really fond of celebrating monthsaries because for me they are useless. But since I have got myself into a Long Distance Relationship, celebrating monthsaries or just by greeting each other gives us that little sappy-dappy excitement on us. I find it cute and romantic.



I am very much in love with this guy. He is very patient, understanding and loving. Everyone of us has a tinge of flaws in ourselves and I admit, I have too. It’s not true that love is blind. It sees but it doesn’t mind. I love him not because he spoils me a lot and always gives way for me on everything. I love him because I love him. No words can describe how much I love him. Only God and I knows about it.


I feel like I am the luckiest girl whenever I am with him. I feel safe and secured. Plus, he is very supportive on my instagram posts. I am looking forward for more months and years to spend my life with this little muggle.
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