Walking downtown at Fuente Osmena Circle

It was Black Saturday when the streets were almost empty and only few people you can see in fast food chains. Some stores were close while some are open. I was feeling homesick so I decided to take few shots on the streets that I always walk by and I am taking advantage of the moment because on the next days, this will be busy and polluted again.


The Fuente Osmeña Circle is considered as the heart of Cebu and it one of the famous rotundas in Cebu. This is also known for its fountain which is named after the late Cebuano president Sergio Osmeña, hence it is called Osmeña fountain.


Surrounding the circle are some big establishments and hotels like the Robinson’s Fuente and Robinson’s Cybergate, the Crown Regeancy, Rajah Hotel and hostpitals like Chonghua Hospital and Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center. There are also some fastfood chains around. There many events held in the circle during Sinulog and Christmas. I can also see people jog around early in the morning or in the late afternoon.
And on this side is the General Maxilom Street where I walk almost everyday. What I like the most about my place is that it looks like a mini-city. My school is a walking distance from my apartment, then whenever I want to go grocery or shop, there is Robinsons and moreover, there are food establishments around the corner.
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