Second on the 21st!

March 21, 2016 marks our second year of our relationship as a couple. It was March 21st when I handed him my gift as a sign of saying yes to him. It seems like it was just yesterday when everything began. I’ve never been grateful about relationships and dating but when I met him, I started to believe that those scenes you see in the movies can be real.

So my boyfriend wanted to have a fine dining for our anniversary and The Suite Room in Ramos was the perfect place to have one. What you can see in the background is my little surprise for him. The box, the balloons and that 24 reasons why I love you.

Him reading my letter while waiting for our order.
I feel like I am a Miss Universe in this photo.
Well since it was a fine dining, we followed the three course meal. We had the appetizer, the main course and the dessert.
Mushroom Soup for the appetizer.
Surf n’ Turf for his main course

Asian Pork Steak for my main course
And this caramel macchiato ice cream cake for our dessert.
Us on each other’s perspective.
And about their food? I give 10 out of 10 stars because they are very delicious. It satisfied my taste buds and exceeded my expectations.

This is my favorite photo of us together because we are undeniably gorgeous on this. Though we only had a day to spend each other’s 2nd anniversary, it was all worth it.
It is amazing how love can push your creativeness to the next level. I really appreciate the effort that he put on this frame because it made me kilig to the bones. 🙂 Thank you babbsy!
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