May the force of caffeine be with you at Amidala Cafe

If you are a great fan of Star Wars and a Jedi then I got a place for you! Amidala Cafe. It is located in the Maria Christina Extension Juana Osmena Stree, Cebu City. It is at the back of Vacation Hotel before the Sacred Heart School Hijas. On weekdays, they are open from 1PM to 12 MN and on weekends they are open from 5PM-12AM.

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They offer cheap and reasonable prices and it has been my habit to ask about their coffee bean and they are having an Italian coffee bean.
My friend, Yreca got herself a White Chocolate Cream while for myself is a cup of ¬†Cappuccino. Every time I hop into a new cafe, I always order Cappuccino because it is my favorite. And so far, Amidala together with Bo’s Coffee Cappuccino is on top of my list.



The place is cozy and relaxing most especially when you smell the aroma of their coffee bean. However, I was a bit disappointed due to its size because you can’t tag along big groups of friends. The place is more ideal for your lone time, for your date or for your three friends. It would be really awkward and chaotic if you are in large groups because you’ll hear everyone in the room.


But that didn’t defeat my amazement to this cafe. How I wish they are located near to my place so that I can study out in here. Btw, here are some of their Star Wars collections.


This is my friend, Yreca.
And here I am thinking about my next coffee shop destination.
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