In a short span of time, I felt free and infinite. You opened the windows and let me feel the wind brushing through my skin. I raised my one hand outside the car and tried to go against with it. It was the most amazing time of my night. It was amazing because I was with you. 
I always tell you that city lights are like stars placed beautifully on the ground for us to get hold with it. And you are like that one little star that I can get hold from another galaxy. Well, probably in the alternate universe, we would be that one perfect kid that can go together no matter what the weather it is. We got the same alien minds and monsters at the back of our head. We could be that perfect superhero of all times.
I remember the time that we went on that empty parking lot. We eagerly stepped out from the car and ran around because we were the only people in there. We held hands and ran from one corner to another and played with the wind. All the stress and all the loneliness was replaced by you and me. I hugged you tight as my sign of gratitude for taking me somewhere therapeutic. You never fail to make me laugh every time we are together. 
I never thought that I would meet someone as crazy as I am. All my life, I was the weirdest one in the group and probably the one who loved to paced out and give random ideas. But when I knew you, I think I found a soulmate. But soulmates are just soulmate. They are like the wind. It is there but you’ll never get to see them because a soulmate is like a soul outside the body. And when they are present before you, they will just disappear.

I always stare at you every time you maneuver the wheels because you become another person. You become focused which made me came to realize that you are not that crazy stray boy of life. You have goals and compassion on little things. You can be in both worlds and you can handle them well because you know how to hide your emotions. That is how I fell in love with your eyes. They are the portals to you inner mind. People may see you that wackiest kid in town but I see you someone better. 
Well maybe this time isn’t our for us to stay together and maybe there’s no really time. Fate has let us cross paths to let us know that we are not alone in this world.We have soulmates that could comfort us at time we feel alone. And if someday fate has given us another time, then maybe it’s really ours.
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Marica, a 20-something lady who loves to explore new things in the world while juggling her life in the medical field.

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