Crystal Blue Kawasan Falls

Right after we trek to the Osmena Peak, we headed directly to the Kawasan Falls with the same habal-habal driver. I think we paid a total of 500php for the whole trip. Travel time was approximately two hours and it was a but-aching ride for us. We passed through the mountains and some small baranggays. It was worth it because the view was refreshing.
Kawasan Falls is in Badian Cebu and it is known for its three-stage cascade of clear cold turquoise water from the mountain springs. It is a perfect place to get away from the polluted urban life in the main city.

And because we went there at the peak of summer, the place were filled of tourists and some locals. Talk about the supply and demand, one table is worth 150 pesos and the vest costs 30 pesos. The rent on the bamboo raft was 300 pesos. For me it was really expensive but because Kawasan falls is now a famous tourist spot, I got no choice. The good thing about it is that you can bring outside food and drinks.
We tried to trail along the side of the falls and now we are on top of the first waterfall.


Then we trailed further to see another waterfall but I don’t think this is the second one. Haha. It is just a small lagoon which has the same water characteristic on the first one. We saw a couple of tourists dipping in this place.


And we surrender, can’t really figure our which is which. Haha.

While strolling around, we found some Dumaguete people and yey! picture!

How to get there:
You can ride a bus going to the south from the South Bus Terminal or have an alternative transportation like  CK and J Car Rental.
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