A Hike to Osmena Peak Cebu

One activity you should try is to trek Cebu’s famous Osmena Peak in Mantalungon, Dalaguete. It doesn’t need a professional mountain climber or someone athletic enough because these jagged hills are just 1000 meters above sea level. They say that this is the highest peak in Cebu. It looks like deformed Chocolate Hills but they are thinner.

Travel time from the Cebu proper is approximately 3 hours. But me and my boyfriend woke up a little bit late from our target time, so we already witnessed sunrise by the sea shore. Our goal was to see it on the peak. We took a bus from the South Terminal and the fare only cost less than 150 I guess. I forgot because I was still sleepy that time and it was my boyfriend who paid it.



You just have to tell the konduktor that you will stop at the corner where there are habal-habal drivers for Osmena Peak. Most of the passengers are heading to the Osmena Peak, so you won’t get confused where to stop.
The travel time from the highway going to Manatalungon is around 30 minutes and it costs 200 pesos going up. Not really sure but it was really expensive but I guess that is their strategy to earn more.
These healthy beautiful cabbages will greet you before you start trekking up to the peak. I remember the soap opera, “Forevermore” because of this little farm on the mountain. We arrived around 7 am so it was already sunny and a little bit hot. But it was okay, I enjoyed it.
I admit it was a little bit exhausting and it would make you run out of breath.
And yes, finally we reached the peak. It was a breathtaking view. You can see the Pescador Island (not in the photo though) and the green green grass of Mantalungon.  We didn’t have breakfast that’s why we have protein bars. Haha. I really don’t know if snickers are protein bars. Haha.



Excuse my burnt face from the Camotes’ trip.
And then the reality that is happening on the peak. That is why it is advisable for the travelers to go as early as possible because there are really a lot of people coming. Some of them are just wearing slippers and even doll shoes, so that proves that it is not really those one hell tiring treks you will experience.
While you are going back to your habal-habal driver, you will meet the farmers of Mantalungon. Most of them are planting and harvesting carrots. Nanay was so kind to let us experience a little bit of her job.
How to get there:
You can ride a bus going to the south from the South Bus Terminal or have an alternative transportation like  CK and J Car Rental.
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