A Trip to Camotes Island, Cebu

Every year, my boyfriend and I always make it a habit to plan for a summer getaway as a reward for ourselves – in his work and in my med school. This 2015, we planned for an island get away which is similar to our Siquijor trip last year. And Camotes Island was our choice since it is just two hours away from the island Cebu and it is budget friendly.

Here is our game face for our new trip. We have to travel for about two hours going to Danao where you have to take a pump boat going to Camotes Island.
We were given two choices for transportation going to the island. There is Jomalia Shipping Lines and this Junmar pump boat. Since we woke up a little late, the Jomalia was already fully booked and we were left with the pump boat. Travel time was two hours and a half.
Upon arriving, there are a lot of tour guides aka motorcycles drivers in the port who’ll meet you and talk about the seven tourist spots in the island. They will hand you a huge card showing the places and tell you the price. My boyfriend was good in bargaining and is very kin in choosing the right motorbike and the driver.
1.) BUHO ROCK, Poro, Camotes Island
So the first stop was the Buho Rock which is a ship-like rock and was popular in diving. It was a former resort but now maintained by the local officials as tourist destinations.
2. Timubo Cave, Experenza, San Francisco
Next stop was the cave with a pool-like waterbed inside.






3. Bakhaw Beach, Esperanza, San Francisco
This the un-famous beach of the island. It is like Puka Beach in Boracay which is open to the public yet it is not overrated. This is my favorite because of its crystal clear blue sea and the peaceful place.




4. Lake Danao,San Francisco
This is the famous Lake Danao and it is a must-see tourist spot in Camotes. It is also an adventure park but unfortunately, we just went there to take a picture of the place.



5. Paraiso Cave
The difference between the Timubo Cave and this Paraiso Cave is that this one is man made. The water bed was intentionally made and it is a little bit smaller. Well that was our driver said.
6. Mangodlong Rock Beach Resort, San Francisco



7. Santiago White Beach, Santiago
And this is our last spot. We arrived at around 5 in the afternoon. We started the tour at around 1 pm, so we had approximately 4 hours going around the island. It is also in the Santiago Beach Resort we stayed overnight.



Our budget was  thousand and I think we have maximized the amount. I forgot the exact amount of our expenses but so far this is what I remember:
Transportation back and forth: 400 php
Tour: 600 php + 80 php gas = 680
Overnight stay: 1,500 php
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