“He is Risen. Christ is Risen”

This is what comes in my mind every Easter Sunday and He is truly Risen. I spent my Holy Week at home and I felt guilty for not spending it in a traditional way. I went home to freed my mind from school and have a mini-vacation in the middle of our hell month. Bimonthlies and finals are just around the corner. I spent the week with my family by dipping in the pool and had a weekend at the beach. My boyfriend also helped me in my Anatomy worksheet which is due this friday. I only attended the Palm Sunday Mass and the Easter Sunday Mass but in between, I haven’t tried the Visita Iglesia, Confession, Via Cruses and Easter Vigil.
Second chances. Second chances. These are the words that reflected me after attending the Easter Sunday Mass. These are the words I now incorporate with the line He is Risen. Every year there is a Holy Week in the Church Calendar and every year, people would say He is Risen. Even though it happened in the past, Christ keeps on reminding us that He will keep on Rising for second chances. Our God is a loving God because He sent His only begotten son to save us from our sins and no matter how wicked we are with our sins, He is still there to forgive us. God hates the sins but not the sinner. I really felt ashamed for feeling unworthy of His love because I have been vanishing away from the light. There were already plenty of second chances He has given me but yet I remained blinded and stubborn.
There are so many questions I want to be answered and how I wish it is easy as my favorite TV show, “Oh My G” I can address all of these to G through an SMS. But no, this is real life. And only thing I have is a prayer to communicate with Him. I am still on the process on rebuilding myself and I can’t do this by myself. I am still in search of a friend or a group who can help me walk my way to His Kingdom. I am still praying for a friend whom I can build my church with. I just miss the times where my friends and I would gather for a devotion and help one another in a Christian way.
But once again, “He is Risen. Christ is Risen.” I still have hope.

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