Crown Regeancy Micro-Adventure, Cebu City

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Before this year ends since we are now in the early week of December, let me do a major throwback of the events that happened in 2014.
Somewhere in the mid-year, I had a great micro-adventure with District 11 in the famous Crown Regeancy Hotel and Towers in Cebu. This is located at the heart of uptown Cebu. This 40-storey hotel tower doesn’t only cater room accommodations for tourist but it also let the people in the urban taste the hype of a sky adventure.
We had Edgecoaster, Skywalk and Tower Zip plus an international buffet which only cost us P 1200/pax.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have so much time to savor the buffet because we were already caught up with the cut off time. Nevertheless, we were still able to make our stomach full at that night.


Oh hey. We are the orange team. We looked like construction workers in this photo.


Cameras, phones and other gadgets were prohibited in the adventure area for safety purposes. They have their own photographer and you have to buy the prints before you get hold of them. Once you were able to survive the life threatening adventures, you get to have your own certificate. 🙂


Our only photo during our late night dinner at the International Buffet.
The Crown Regeancy Micro-Adventure was indeed a memorable one because it was our first time to do this together. I am looking for more micro and macro adventures with District 11.
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