Falling in love.

I never thought that I would fall this hard ~again~ in my life. I had so many traumatic experience when it comes to relationships and fall in love. I had my heart crushed into pieces many times and since then, I stopped believing in love. I became a realist and thought that love in relationships are just fantasy. Nobody takes it seriously because even those who were in long term relationships break. Moreover, I have witnessed a number of failed marriages. So why do fall in love when you’ll get hurt in the end?
Everything changed when I met him. 
It’s like a start of something new in my life. I didn’t expect that he would be this stranger who’s going to change my world and my universe. Falling in love is like a disease that would flow through your veins and will become a part of your system eventually. It will ruin your routine, change your emotions on different times and will make you feel ecstatic. It’s weird yet amusing at the same time.
And one thing that brought me dumbfounded in this magic is that with the existence of one person in your life could eventually turn the tables and soon you’ll find out that you are actually under his spell. He became my knight in shining armor. He became my prince charming. He became my hero who saved me in the dungeon.
Now I understand why couples who are greatly in love cling to each other like there is no tomorrow. I now appreciate the small things that a person can do just to make you smile. I appreciate intimate kisses and tight hugs after the days you haven’t seen each other. I appreciate the warmth of cuddles under the sheaths. I appreciate the thousand i love you’s in a day.
I hope I could stay like this forever no matter what happen.
And if I fall out of love, I will make sure that this is just the latent phase of life and growing up. So, I will bounce back and keep things on track and fall in love with the same person again.
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