The Ruins. The Taj Majal of the Philippines

It was my second time to visit this place last April. The first time I went here was already years ago and the place wasn’t developed yet. It only cost 30 pesos for entrance we could already bring food, drinks and a picnic mat. There were only few people knew about it and there wasn’t even a tour guide who entertains visitors that time.
The Ruins is located at Hacienda Sta. Maria, Talisay, Negros Occidental. It is a 903-square meter structure that stands tall in the middle of the sugar plantation. It ranked 12th as the world’s fascinating ruin’s last 2013 in, a site that features odd, strange and bizarre things of the world.

This mansion was built in the early nineteen hundreds by the sugar baron, one of the richest man in Negros Occidental, Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson together with his first wife Maria Braga Lacson. This was the largest residential structure ever built during that time. In the early part of World War II, the guerilla fighters in the Philippines, burnt the mansion down which took two days to prevent the Japanese forces from using it as their headquarters.
It was coined as The Taj Majal of the Philippines because the mansion was built in the memory of his wife after she died, the same with Mughal Emperor Shan Jahan who dedicated Taj Majal to his third wife. Few years later, he married again with another woman and decided to leave the mansion because for him, it was exclusive for Maria Braga.



Interiors was fascinating because they have antiques displayed around the corner. Moreover, they also have tables and chairs for your to rest on.
There was a part of the place where you can view the beautiful sunset of Negros. The tour guide told us that it is where Don Lacson would gather together with his family during sunset. He would also tell his children that everything he can see from that place was owned by him.
This is how majestic The Ruins would look like at dusk. So whenever you go visit Bacolod City, don’t ever forget to take a short stay in this place because it is worth it.
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