Japanese Shrine, Valencia, Negros Oriental

There is always something special every 21st of the month. It sounds sappy but yeah, it is something that couples celebrate every month. Not really fond of this stuff but I was surprised that he bought me flowers on that said day. Can I just say that 21 is the District 11 day? Huehue.
On that day, we decided to take a road trip but this time it is going uphill. Using his motorcycle (raider), we went to the highest peak of Valencia, the famous Japanese Shrine. It took us about an hour to travel from the city up to the shrine. We encountered bumpy and wrong roads but it was an experience for us. Thank God for the helpful road workers and people we met along the way for directions.


They call this as the Filipino-Japanese Amity Memorial Shrine. It stands at the foot of Mount Talinis and this is where the combined Filipino and America troops and Negrosanon guerrilla units fought the Japanese Imperial Army towards the end of World War II. This was built on the year 1977 by the veterans to remember that lives taken by the war. It also marks the closure to a sad era and the beginning of peace and friendship between the three countries.


Here are some things we found near the shrine and we could barely understand a single word. Haha.


A caretaker was assigned in the place and she just asked a little amount of donation for the maintenance of the place. It has also become her source of living. She was very friendly and accommodating and ¬†she was even the one who suggest that she’ll take a picture of us. Excuse our favorite piggy back ride. We’re enjoying the 21st day of the month. My boyfriend brought a picnic mat and I bought some chips to munch on. It’s a good place for picnic.
One best thing about the place is the overlooking view of the whole Dumaguete. You can also see the island of Cebu and Siquijor. It’s definitely a good place for getaways or even a destination for bikers.
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