Roadtrip to Bais City!

Doing my Catching Up on (given a specific day), I’ll do a little throwback of April instead because I am overdue for an update. April 11, Friday, my co-intern in Dumaguete-Bohol invited me for her daughter’s first birthday. Stanzi Loise is an intern baby because she is inside the womb of my classmate during our intern months. Good thing the baby was in good shape because I remember playing punches on my classmate’s tummy when I was bored during duty.
But the another great thing that happened on the same day was a mini-roadtrip to Bais. It was my first time to take a good look at the hometown of District 11. He brought me to their house and toured me around the place. The stationary train you can see behind us a the town’s landmark that would make you know that you are already in Bais. They are known for sugar cane plantation.


I’ve been in Bais once, last December because of their Christmas display. (read: ROADTRIP 2013: Merry Christmas, Bais City) On the picture is their City Hall and on the second one is their plaza.
One delicacy they are famous of is their Halo-Halo. For me it was an extraordinary one because it was my first time to eat it with peanuts. It costs 60 pesos with ice cream but if you want to try this one, I suggest that you tell the crew not to add sugar anymore because it is already sweet with the ice cream.
They have a monument of Rizal somewhere near their Tennis Court. I don’t really know the exact name of the place but I would like to guess it as Rizal Park. Huehue.
Last but definitely not the least that was a highlight during my visit was their boulevard. It isn’t really the same kind of boulevard you can see in Dumaguete but the place is really relaxing. We stayed their for an hour, I think and you can see the Manjuyod Sand Bar from afar. The coast is clean and it has cottages in front of it for the people who want to take a quick plunge to the sea.


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