Date Night

It was a date night. 

You sneaked into my room and you saw me curling under my sheets. You tiptoed towards me and whispered “Hey, do you want to grab some coffee?” I was surprised that you were inside my room and embarrassed that you saw me with my pajamas on. I could feel my heartbeat ran fast and my knees where shaking because I didn’t know what to say because you looked so perfect that night. I was locked in your eyes and all I want to do is just stare at those forever. And then, you snapped your fingers and repeated your question. The words traveled in the air so sweetly and slowly entered my ears as if they were the best music of all times.

“wait a minute.”, I answered.

“just grab your coat and we’re off to go.”

You held my hand and guided me as we cautiously went out from my window. Was I dreaming? Was it real? Everything seemed surreal.

You brought me to my favorite 24-hour coffee shop and I checked their clock, it was already passed two in the holy hours. It was indeed holy being with you. The cold breeze that brushed through my cheeks and the aroma of coffee bean that flies through the thin air. 

You had your latte while I had my cappuccino because you always know that I’d rather have a hot cappuccino over fancy frappes. We talked about our weird escapades that we have at the back of our mind. We talked about Star Wars and made fun with the line, “I am your father.” We also mimicked Nicholas Cage in Con Air, “Put the bunny inside the box.” You always win when it comes on those and I always lose. I always lose whenever I stare at your big brown eyes. You were amazing that night.

You didn’t want me to go beyond three a.m. because you have this superstitious belief that it is the devil’s hour. You believed that nothing good happens after three a.m. So you brought me back to my room. 

“It was a great coffee time.” You whispered to my ears.

And I just smiled. I said nothing. Not even a word because I didn’t want to say something in farewell. I wanted to do it with you again and again until sunlight strikes through the window pane of the coffee shop. 

So I just smiled. I watched you drift through the window and waved goodbye. It was a “good” bye.

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