Before starting the list let me share to you what has the urban dictionary said about “hopeless romantic”

This person is in love with love.They believe in fairy tales and love.They’re not to be confused as stalkers or creepy because that’s not what a hopeless romantic is. All hopeless romantics are idealists,the sentimental dreamers,the imaginative and the fanciful when you get to know them.They often live with rose colored glasses on.They make love look like an art form with all the romantic things they do for their special someone. 

Well, I guess anyone can be a hopeless romantic and even single people can feel this kind of  motion. I am not claiming that I am one of them because I became bitter about love. However, some people say that I have this introvert side being a hopeless romantic. If you are questioning yourself that you are hopeless romantic then read this post. [24 Signs You’re A Hopeless Romantic]

Moving on with my list, here are some of the hopes of a hopeless romantic. Not really an expert but this is what I’ve noticed from different people I’ve met and talked to. Some are also from my fancy dreams before.

1. Date under the stars.

Anyone can do this like but someone preparing for a romantic date under a starry starry night is a better idea. This just don’t happen while both of you walking down the road on a cold evening or both of you sat down of somewhere and gazed to the stars.
Both of you sit on a huge blanket and then you pull out a huge constellation map because you want to connect all the stars you see above. And when you can’t get the pattern, you start making your own image like how you want to plan your future with him.

2. Falling In Love At A Coffeeshop

Have you ever heard the song “Falling in love in a coffeeshop” by Landon Pigg? Well, it is one of my favorites and I was undeniable dumbfounded by the message of the song. I admit that this was once of my fancy dreams back then because I am an avid coffee lover. I would love to see people taking a sip with their drink and appreciates the beauty of the place. I used to write prose that involves coffee and dates. I guess that the coffee shop is the best place for a stimulating conversation. There must be something with the aroma that travels to your nose and makes you feel connected with your date.

3. Receiving Handwritten Letters

Like what they say, handwritten love letters never go out of style. I wonder if old fashioned-lovers exist in this era because I most of the people have gone paperless. E-mails, E-cards, SMS and phonecalls will just vanish eventually and be forgotten. But with handwritten letters from a suitor or a lover is different. You can keep forever and when you get old, you have something to read over and over again. Even though you are not like the famous Shakespear, but if you write from the heart with your not-so-good handwriting, it is still the best.
4. Roses on an ordinary day.

But do you know what looks good with your handwritten letters? Roses. Roses are symbols of love and beauty. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dozen of roses or a single stem but when you give a girl a rose on an ordinary day, you will be forever remembered. I know this sounds common but yes, roses will always be beautiful. Your roses won’t be thrown away when it wither because a girl who is a lover of books will always have her rose pressed in one of her books. And yes, I do that.
5. Notes on his/her coffee.

Back on being a coffee lover, I would love to see coffee in surprise with a note with it. I am not really a morning person, so I have to be fueled by caffeine before kicking into work. Ladies should also treat their busy man with something like this for them to literally have a “good” morning in their day. Sweet notes on coffee or on any little things are always the sweetest.
6. Mixtapes.

Though this kind of tape is already non-existent in our generation, we have CD’s as an alternative. I remember when Ashton Kutcher made a “bleeding” mixtape for her girl, Natalie Portman because she has her monthly visitor and was going through an emotional breakdown (No Strings Attached). A mixtape is another form of handwritten letters but you have to use songs in order to deliver your message to your partner. Or you can gather all her favorite songs, that would be pretty easy.
7. Kissing under the rain.

I guess for those who watched the movie and read the book, The Notebook fell in love with this scene, that is why this is going to be the most appropriate photo for this number. Kissing under the stars can be romantic but nothing beats this one because it’s like receiving a blessing from the universe with your partner. Moreover, this story added more feelings on this kind of scene.
The list didn’t end there. There are still some that flashes in my mind. Maybe, I am going to make a version two. If you have that one hopeless romantic imagination in your mind, let me know! =)

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