Meeting People from the Internet World (Tumblr People)

On year 2009, I joined the world’s secret paradise, Tumblr. Most of the people who belonged in this place and era considered this as Hogwarts and those who didn’t know about this were considered as muggles. This was like an underground music before but as years went by and the community grew wider, it became overrated. Nevertheless, this place once became my second home from reality.
I met new and familiar people because some of them came from Friendster Talk, Multiply and Teentalk. Yes, I was addicted with social networks and forums before. I could spend 25/7 merging my life beyond this screen. I had online journals before Tumblr but this one was incredibly different because I got to converse with other people sharing the same sentiments and learning from their own experiences. People from Tumblr back then didn’t judge each other nor bash. No one was coined as a Tumblr Famous, a Queen or whatever higher endearment you can name of. Everyone was friends with each other. Everyone was a family.
If you are this person who is not fond of investing time infront of your desktop, then I guess it would shock you out that I do meet ups with people who I just met online. I know it isn’t safe meeting people who you never met in person before knowing that there are news about rapes and murders. But hey! This one is different because mostly I met were girls, the same with my age and we got to chat through Tiny Chat and others were common friends of my other friends. Uhm. Connections.
Moving on, this is Daisy (the-daisyflower). She is from Mindanao. I forgot if from Davao or Dipilog but what I remember is she gave me tarts from their place. Yes, we first knew each other in Tumblr and she is a friend of Jemimah who happened to be my other friend from Tumblr. This photo was taken in November 2011 and it was in Sans Rival Robinsons. Believe it or not, this was our first and last date together but we get to see each other down the road because we’re in the same University.
And this is Angeli or Chantal. I spent my 11/11/11 with her in a fast food chain, Mang Inasal. She is really a bubbly person I tell you. I knew her when she Tumblr Ask-ed me about MedTech in Silliman University because she was planning to enroll in my school. Until now, we still go eat out with each other once in awhile.
This is Czarinna. She is from Dumaguete but we first knew each other through Tumblr because I used to follow her bestfriend, Cy (nagpatukso). I think I was the first one who messaged her. This happened somewhere in October ’11 and she treated me with pizza and cold drinks. 
This is Ate Paui (pauilove). The meet up lasted for few minutes because she still has work to do. Nevertheless, we had photos together as a remembrance. Until now, she is working in MOA and still a busy person. I miss this girl so much.
Clitz (sheisperfectlyhappy). My ever little cousin who happens to be older than me. It was really a small world when she told me that she knows my biological cousin, Trisha through Multiply. That is why we call each other as “Cuz”. We already met several times but I am looking forward that me, her and my cousin Trisha will get to have a day out together.
The teachers, Nezza and Abbie. We had out meet up when I was left in Manila during our fieldtrip. My parents didn’t allow me to go with my classmates in Baguiou that time due to the bad weather. So I thought of meeting up with my friends in Trinoma because I guess it was the most common place for us. These girls were really great and they even gave me a little notebook since they knew I like to doodle.
Mister smoke machine who promised me a coffee, Jayp. As you can see, Jayp is the only male whom I met up with because he was the only available one on that time. He promised to treat me a coffee but never did. Haha Hi Jayp.
Lastly but not the least, Ice and Coo. After the numerous times of planning, we finally met at a spontaneous matter. They just called me if where I was and if I am available or what. We had coffee at UST Hospital and Coo brought me to SM San Lazaro together with her family. Yes, I met Coo’s mother who was very beautiful and accommodating. 
There are some Tumblr friends I met personally but didn’t have a chance to take pictures together. And some other friends who I never meet yet but still we talk through Twitter and Facebook. Most of them are in their own lives leaving the old teenage life in Tumblr. I am so grateful that I met these people because without them, my life in the cyberworld would be somehow less fun.
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