Starting 2014 with a getaway at Siquijor Island

Together with my family, we started the year with a getaway because right on January 1, we spontaneously decided to go to the country’s most famous mystique island, Siquijor. We traveled by boat which is the GL shipping lines at around 10 in the morning. The boat fare costs less than two hundred. I am not really sure of the exact amount because my mother was the one who payed for our tickets.


The travel time was about two hours and 15 minutes depending on the vessel you are taking. If you are going to travel by fast craft which is the Ocean jet, it will take less than an hour. Upon arrival, there is always an obligatory photo on the pier and I was amazed by the blue waters and the fresh breeze from the ocean.

Our host for the day, Tito Leo, rented one tricycle for us to tour around the island for a day. I asked him if how much it cost to rent a tricycle and he said it depends on the route because coastal and going to the mountains is different. Coastal is 1000 pesos while the other one has the higher rate.


Our first destination was the Capilay Spring Park in San Juan, Siquijor. We didn’t take a dip in the spring. We just took a quick sight on the place and some pictures too.


The resort has twin swimming pools which were developed out of natural springs flowing from under a wall of rocky limestone cliff. This is open and free to the general public but it has also cottages for rent if you wish to stay for an over night. They said that the spring waters flow and empty downstream into San Juan bay.
Next was the 400 year old Enchanted Balete tree which they said older than the balete tree you’ll find in Quezon City. This is worth a visit because it is not too far from San Juan, plus it is just along the highway.


You can relax with your friends or family after a long tour around the island with a free fish spa below the balete tree. There is no fee for this but a donation box is placed beside to help maintain the place. I didn’t try the fish spa because I was afraid the fishes to lure around my feet and I am also a ticklish person.
And yes, they say that this enchanted balete tree is known for the home of the spirits. There’s also a myth that white ladies are said to appear near the tree.
After the Balete tree, we went to take a sneak peak of this beautiful resort. Unfortunately, I forgot what’s the name of this resort but I guess it has something to do with mangroves. We didn’t go through the entrance because it would just cost us more. So we had this little bumpy shortcut alongside.
And how great to know that the bumpy shortcut would give me a beautiful sight to do a cray cray pose. These kind of views always remind me how wonderful is the world to live with.
Here is my favorite photo with my cousin.
And we found a blue starfish along the shore. I don’t know if it’s still alive or what but we surely returned it back to the sea. My cousin picked some shells while I was busy observing this little creature.
I don’t know if we can consider this as a cray cray pose because I was properly smiling in front of the camera.
Before we went proceed to our next destination, we passed by by this man who was busy making some trap for the crabs. I rarely see this in our place and it was simply amazing.
Next destination was the Cambughay Falls which is located in Lazi. There was a parking fee which costs 30 pesos for those who have vehicles with them. There were also vendors selling cold refreshments which is really overpricing but later you’ll know that it would be worth every peso.
Moving on, it was a steep journey down there and I think the steps were around 300. So you should be careful because there was no hand rail and each step is really a stony one.
But every step is a worthy one because you’ll be able to have this sigh of relief once you see the turquoise blue water at the bottom. How I wish I could take a short dip but we still have another agendas to go. The place was a good getaway for those barkadas who have a limited budget because this free for the public.
Since I can’t go swimming, let me have one picture with it.



Okay, since we were already in Lazi and it is the hometown of our dear host, Kuya Leo, we had our lunch in their house. I thank the universe for your existence Kuya Leo. Thank you for your kindness and greatness. Anyway, he took us to a little tour in his huge playground on top of the hill. As you can see, the cray cray poses and a proper obligatory pose are filled with green grasses and trees. Kuya Leo told us that this was the place where he spent most of his childhood.
After the short siesta, we continued our adventure and the next spot was the Lazi Church.

The church complex was built by the Augustinian Recollects in the latter half of the 19th century. The church has two pulpits, the original retablos, and wood floors with herringbone pattern. The church walls are approximately a meter thick, The walls are reinforced with log post which are embedded in the wall. The fa├žade is veneered with coral stone, while the rest is made of fill. The pediments of the church are made of wood panels. [source]


This was said to be as one of the oldest churches in the island and it’s good to see that the interior and the wood are still in good condition. Moreover, the place may be small but it is tidy and simple. We weren’t able to attend mass due to lack of time but we said our prayer when we stayed for a little while.


And hooray for the last destination which is the famous Salagdoong Beach Resort. We spent our night here and of course with the complete accommodation of Kuya Leo. The cottage was cheap, I guess but the hotel is pretty much expensive and it is located on the top hill of the place.
To my great excitement to witness sunset and sunrise on the place, I failed because I fell asleep when I said I will just have a quick nap. The whole day tour was very tiring but at least I captured the subtle gradient of the sky before it totally turned dark. We had some barbecued meat and chicken for lunch and then the coconut fruit and buko salad. We also went night swimming for a couple of hours before going to bed.



On the following day was also the same day of saying goodbye to the island. So, I made the most out of it by going kayaking, swimming and feeling the heat of the scourging sun. The sunburn and the tan lines I had was totally worth it because I had the ultimate fun on the first and second day of the year.
I wish to visit the island again and I hope I am with my friends that time so that it would be another extravagant fun and short time vacation for me.
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