Dr. Absin’s Christmas House 2013

I apologize for the not-that-amusing captures of my point-shoot camera and my noob skills of editing using the one and only photoshop thatI find it very user friendly — pixlr.com.
So moving on, after the mini-roadtrip to Bais (read here) we went directly to the most visited house during Holidays in Dumaguete, The Dr. Absin’s Christmas House. Like what they say, there is no Christmas in Dumaguete City without visiting this ever most beautiful and well lighted Villa of Dr. Absin.
Dr. Rico Absin is a practicing anesthesiologist in his late 50’s who turned his private house into a villa with full of dazzling lights and colorful Christmas decorations on display. Every year, there’s a theme and this year, it was a Winter Wonderland/White Christmas.



There’s more when you enter the house and get a closer view with his collections of Christmas trees, antique plates, figurines and beautiful murals on the wall.


From the papers and articles that I have read about this villa, I knew that Dr. Absin is a one big hearted man because it has become his an annual custom to share his blessings to less fortunate children in Dumaguete City in which he throws a party for them. He has this fund raising which is “Dinner for a Cost with a Cause” to buy breakfast and toys to be given away.


On the wall you’ll see old photos from Dr. Absin’s family which I honestly find it amusing because I rarely see black and white portraits with no gestures of smiling and peace hand sign on it. I guess people back in time never knew what is selfie.



My favorite part of the house is where the huge teddy bears or stuff toys were placed. I feel like a little kid again.



Well here are some pictures of their Dining Room and I like the second photo because it is white and elegant.
The Absin’s Christmas House is a place to be during Holidays in Dumaguete City because it gives you a new site to see and appreciate in your life while you are here in the city.






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