A Visit to Sto. Niño Del Basilica, Cebu City

Because November 22 was a Simala Shrine and “claiming-of-PRC-ID” day for me and mom has to enroll herself in South Western University for her doctoral (meh some kind of like that), we visited the famous Sto. Niño Del Basilica on the following day. 

Well, the church should look like this if it wasn’t because of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake:
(Image source: click)

Nevertheless, I was still eager to see the said famous place with my own eyes despite what happened. I’ve never been to this church since birth and people said that the Sto. Nino is miraculous. The church is currently under construction, so I wasn’t able to see the interior and only on the outside. (See: Official Website of Sto Nino del Basilica)



Beside the church was another famous site, The Magellan’s Cross. This was planted by the Spanish explorers on the year 1951 as ordered by Ferdinand Magellan upon arriving in Cebu. This is also under construction that’s why I didn’t get to have a decent picture of the whole site. It has woods supporting around the corner of the place.
But here’s a good picture from the internet (visitpilipinas.com)



You’ll see some ladies wearing yellow dresses around, asking you to buy candles from them (which costs 100.00php for five candles) as an offering to the cross. They are going to ask for your name and they will sing and dance (sinulog) while waving the candles in front of the cross. After that, you are going to put the candle under the cross and somebody will light it later.


We also lighted red candles and prayed outside the church. It has been our simple tradition to light candles on every church we visit.
This is me and my tita from Leyte. She came to Cebu because her daughter (my cousin) has this special class in UP Cebu because classes in UP Tacloban are pushed through in January. It was a blessing that they were allowed to take classes on the other branches of UP in order to catch up with the second semester.
There was a line outside the church before you get to see the Sto. Nino up close and I was happy to see it. I wish I have offered flowers but it’s alright. I will come back to this place.
OOTD. (kunuhay)
It was indeed a very beautiful day for me in Cebu because I’ve been to a place where I haven’t visited before. Thank you Lord for the blessings you have showered upon me.


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