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Garden Cafe where deaf/mutes are employed.

Garden Cafe is located at J.S. Torralba avenue, Tagbilaran City, Bohol which is just right beside the famous St. Joseph Cathedral.  This was established since 1984 by the Bohol Foundation for the Deaf and Disabled, Inc. and used to be  a small snack center made of bamboo with 7 employees. It was said from their menu that the Garden Case has undergone many transformations from a Barbeque stand, donut shop and a pizzal parlor. But today, they showcase their best cuisine which is the Mexican Mix.
Currently, Garden cafe employs 26 deaf and 11 hearing persons and provides training for highschool deaf students. Their crew was very approaching and very polite. A menu was placed on the table and on each cubicle, there is a telephone for the costumers to call when they have already decided what food to order. But here are some sign languages that you can use whenever you want to have some additional order to their deaf waitresses.

Their price ranges from 100-500 pesos but I assure you that it is definitely worth it. Aside from their best seller Mexican cuisine, they also caters American foods and Filipino foods. We ordered baby backribs, calamares, sinigang na baboy and some drinks and all of those totally satisfied my taste buds.

Aside from the delicious foods that they showcase, the interior would bring you back to the Wild Wild West in 90’s.  They also had a fake horse back riding in the corner.




So if you happen to land the beautiful island of Bohol, put this restaurant on your list because it is definitely a must visited place. You’ll have fun conversing to the deaf waitresses and enjoy the cowboy ambiance of Garden Cafe.
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