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Bohol’s Beauty: Birds ,Sunset and Volunteerism

This is going to be my last set of photos and post about Bohol and I would like to end up with the birds, sunset and my experience as a volunteer. The reason why I was in Bohol last October 23-31 was that medical technologist and nurse volunteers were sent to help in Ramiro Community Hospital. Bohol was considered as ground zero that time due to the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that shook the island last October 15, 2013.
It was my pleasure to be able to be a part of the volunteer team under Silliman University Medical Center because Bohol has been a part of my college life. I spent a couple of months working as an intern in Governor Celestino Gallares Hospital [read here about my internship] but this time, I worked as a volunteer in tertiary private hospital, Ramiro Community Hospital.
Here is a picture that was taken on the first night we met the founders of Ramiro Community Hospital – Dr. Luther Ramiro and Mrs. Din Ramiro. They both shared a very inspiring story about their lives and how they put up the hospital. Dr. Luther had this printed as our souvenir from their hospital. It was a way of thanking and appreciating our volunteerism.



There was a time when we went for a stroll in their plaza after we ate at Garden Cafe and we were amazed by these birds because we felt we are somewhere out of the country. There were kids playing with the birds, so we did play also. We even fed the birds with a pack of popcorn so that they will gather around us.



Another beauty I have witnessed in Bohol was the sunset you see above the horizon. The Ramiro Community Hospital and the pension house that we stayed at were beside the sea and it’s amazing to see such beauty every afternoon. I haven’t seen their sunrise since my duty was 9:00AM-5:PM, so I don’t get to wake up early on my duty days.
The picture was taken on the day of our first duty together with the SUMC’s head nurse, Ma’am Tan. As you can see, nurses aren’t yet in their uniform because they still have an orientation in that morning while us, the medtechs are already on the go for lab duties.

Working in the laboratory of Ramiro Community Hospital wasn’t hard for me because the staff were very friendly. It’s as if you’ve known each other for how many years. Lol. But not. On the picture is the group of Phlebotomis Nurse and one MedTech (wearing all blue scrub) who were on night duty.


My duty schedule was 9:00AM to 5:00PM and 3:00PM to 11:00PM on alternate days.We were like the seniors of the Clinical Microscopy Section and Hematology Section because those were the most sections that we operate. Sometimes we extract blood from OPD and in-patients and we also send results to different nurse stations.


It was an honor to be able to work in Ramiro because if it wasn’t with Ramiro, I won’t be able to appreciate the art of volunteerism. Moreover, it was my first duty to work as a professional Medical Technologist. 
Here is our last picture together with the founders of Ramiro Community Hospital and with the rest of the volunteers. Thank you Lord for the blessing!
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