Sidlakan Negros 2013

In celebration of the Buglasan Festival during the middle of October, it has been a habit of us family to visit the famous Sidlakan Negros in Dumaguete City. This is where each provinces showcase their specialties in a bahay-kubo designed booth.

Here is our first photo in the place at the booth of the Municipality of Amlan. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a photo of each provinces because my camera wasn’t doing good. So, please bare with these photos as you imagine what it looks like in Sidlakan Negros.

I forgot what booth is this but their design caught my attention most especially with the landscape and the lights that radiates towards the wall from the ceiling.

Valencia is going organic. So this is the booth of Valencia where they sell delicious rambutans and mangosteen. One random fact of me is that my favorite fruit is rambutan. I could finish a kilo or even two plastic bags of it.

In Valencia, there is their famous town house which is Tierra Alta. To my dismay, I haven’t been to Tierra Alta yet because it’s located uphill and none of my subordinates or friends would accompany me to see the place.

This is the entrance of Valencia. Excuse my sister who was trying to ruin the photo. kidd.


This is the booth of Basay with the native fan and brooms.


Booth of Dumaguete City.
And last but not the least I have in my photos is the booth of Mabinay. This is my favorite booth because it is a cave-like booth. Mabinay is known for their underground caves and sadly, I haven’t been to one of their tourist sites. Soon, in due time. I shall explore Mabinay with my own eyes.




I hope that the next time I blog about Sidlakan Negros, it would be more informative and with tons of pictures on it. People of the Philippines, you can drop by to Sidlakan Negros whenever you wan’t because they are open even with out occasions.


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