So here comes three kids – two fresh graduates and an Octoberian who went for a getaway beach outing at Lowlan, Dauin Negros Oriental. Actually, this getaway outing was planned last week and Jesse group messaged the Seeker’s about the plan. There were few who said “yes” and few who said “we’ll be there” but unfortunately, it was onlu us -Ayanna and Jesse who really went. We were dying for a great relaxation at the beach with the blue waters of Dauin. We met around 1:30PM, bought some junkies and went directly to the resort.


On the first photo, that is Ayana, Me and then Jesse. And then on the second photo is that I am with Jesse. As you can see, we only got junkies as our food and we just bought a litre of Coca-Cola as our drink. It’s clear that our only intention for this day is to graciously submerge our body unto the cold sea water. The great thing about this outing is that we only spent 150 pesos for food and then 150 for the place (inclusive of our shampoo and litre of coke) which was really affordable.
We were the only costumers of the resort since it is a weekday. I guess people were busy with work and enrolment, so it was a great time for us to run around the place. I was like a little kid who got out from the den for almost a hundred years. I felt free and alive.


We just swam, ate, talk, swam, ate and talk for the whole afternoon. We kept on wishing that some of the Seekers were here since we were the only costumers of the day. Well, there was a family who came at the middle of the afternoon but that was the time that we were almost finished swimming.



Even thought there were only three of us, we had a great time together. It was an awesome bonding with these two people we still played games, talked about nonsense and made jokes. The humour of a DuScian was still within our hearts. We caught up about each other’s lives and other people’s lives. We took some shots before we left and these are some of my favorite..


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