I can finally say that Summer is here because right after the day of graduation, I eagerly soaked my body unto the cold waters of Valencia. The newly graduate kids of Medical Technology where invited at Dona’s place which is situated on the mountain of Valencia. It was a cool cool place because of its green surroundings and cold river.


After we had lunch at their mansion, I mean at their house, we went to Ocean 24 to bond and swim. There was a swimming pool but we first preferred to drenched in the river because it was refreshing. However, we were only four who had our body soak because the rest didn’t bring extra clothes.


This is me and Jesse ­čÖé
Marnelli, quite not enjoying the pool because it was hot yet she still managed to smile to the camera.


This is Dona, the one who invited at their place. Her parents set her an After Graduation party to celebrate with their relatives and close friends and for us, her batchmates.

We are the unemployed kids of the Philippines who are enjoying the heat of summer before entering the hell of┬áintensive┬áreview for the incoming Board Examination. ­čÖé It was a fun fun day with everyone.


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