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BOHOL: Nasilaw sa Panglao

So, during my internship, I had a time to go to Panglao with my co-interns together with the Phleb Nurses and RMTs from Ramiro Hospital. We went to Panglao Island and went island hopping to the Balicasag Island. I forgot the exact date but I would never forget the happiness that the place has brought me. The place was a paradise and I will definitely go back on that place soon.
Everybody is already geared up and in this picture, the Phleb Nurse, Sir Harold asked us to do ahead count before leaving Panglao Island.
We were 25 in the group and we were divided into three because there were three pump boats. Unfortunately, Alyssa, Nova and I rode on the smallest boat which stopped at the middle of the sea. We felt sick at that moment because the waves was quite big and the pump boat kept on agitating our inner organs.
This is Alyssa. She was the person who really got sick during the travel. Thank God, the care taker of the cottage we rented helped us to get her spirit back because she was unconscious when we arrived Balicasag Island.


While we were waiting for the food to be ready, Nova and I had a mini shoot. Haha.


Prayer for the food then eating time! 🙂


Tarsier Necklace. Well, Bohol is very well known for their little creature which is the Tarsier. Sadly, I wasn’t able to see one because I am having a hard time roaming around the place due to my hectic schedule duty.
Yehey. Us three! 🙂 Well, after lunch, we had a 25 minute tour around the island and it was scorching hot. On the other side of this island, we swam through the big blue waves even though our feet were soaring with stones beneath. The beach was totally amazing. It was so beautiful like in movies.


And then we went snorkeling with other friends. It was my first time to do it and it was ultimately fun.




Finding Nemo. 🙂



We went home early and wasn’t able to go to another island which is the Virgin Island because one phleb nurse in a hurry to go back to the hospital because he has duty. But, I thank God for this day because it is something that makes me proud of being a human. It helps me appreciate the beauty of His creations.


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