Bullets and Breaking Hearts

The world we are currently dwelling is not safe any more. The cries of the innocents fill up the air with chaos. Today is much different from yesterday because everything has already turned to the wrong way. The machines became wiser than human and human became heartless than the trees. The monsters we usually are scared turned into a being with normal features of a man. Until we thought that ghosts can be more friendly than the soul of the warm blood. 
Hearing the news over the television or the radio saddens me. There is a mark rise of heinous crimes in the city and even the country. The bullets turned into rain in the other land and the fireworks become tear gas and bombs. The paradise that was prepared by The One above is now a hell that Satan would love. 
I wonder if these gunmen, thieves and criminals have minds and hearts. Or were they proud that they see the world behind the bars? Or were they thinking beforehand that they would not only affect one person but also a family? Have they thought that what if what they do to others would happen to the one they really love? Or have they thought that what they’ll do would affect the victim for a lifetime? Have they ever thought that their parents would be proud of them? Or would these crimes make them satisfy after the temporary highness?
Thoughts like these always cross my mind because I cry for those victims who were so weak to fight and so helpless to crawl for survival. I know what if feels like because I was almost there. I was almost a victim of rape. It was an “almost” moment because I sensed that the driver didn’t turned left on the direction and he headed just straightened his way into the next baranggay. He was even asking me about personal things and relationships which was really creepy. Good thing I was in my mind to tell the driver to stop at my classmate’s house. I told him that was my house even though he knew where he should drop me.
It was a scary “almost” moment of my life and I know I am fortunate enough to survive. That’s why I am concern to those victims and almost victims of any crime. I really want to break their faces, shoot them or throw them a bomb but if I seriously do that, that won’t make me any different from the word criminal. So I pray for the world. I pray for the people. I pray for peace for everyone. I pray for a safe world to live because in here we were born and in here we will die.
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