Hello, Bacolod City.


Like what I have said from my previous post, we went to Bacolod City last November 1 and believe it or not, this was my first time to stroll around the city. After how many years of going back to my hometown, this was my first time to step foot on the ground and go to Cathedral. In the picture is their plaza where Maskarra Showdons are usually held.
There were stalls beside the plaza and my little niece bought sunglasses which were only worth 50 pesos.
And then there was also the Cathedral Church beside. Don’t really have a good history background of this church but we went inside and lighted a candle.
This is their Centennial Belfry. I am with my cousin and niece in the picture.
We all lighted one candle and offered prayer for our life, our family and for the good of others.
Next spot was the tower near SM City which is a tribute to Pope John Paul II, who visited Bacolod City last February 20, 1981. Inside the tower are memorabilias used by Pope John Paul II during his visit.


Here are some what’s inside. Wasn’t able to take lots of pictures inside the tower because it seemed that I spent half of the time climbing and counting the steps. There were seven floors and I could barely catch my breath everytime I reach one floor. I know, I have weak lungs.


Pictures with my cousins. Actually, they are siblings and I am the cousin.



Finally, we reached the seventh floor and these are the scenes you can see on top.
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