Bayawan Educational Tour 2012 Part I: The Bayawan City Waste Management Center


We had our Educational Tour in Bayawan City last May 10, 2012. We went off early from Dumaguete City at around 6:15 in the morning and we arrived the place at around 8:30AM. We had an orientation about their Solid Waste Management, the ECOSAN and the Wetland-GK Village.
The Solid Waste and Ecology Center in Baranggay Mahinihon


The first destination The Solid Waste and Ecology Center in Baranggay Mahinihon highlights the establishment of a clay-lined landfill, a composting plant, a materials recovery facility and a sludge treatment plant to address the problem of waste disposal. In the site, you would see all the garbage or waste from the people of Bayawan but it was pleasing in the eyes. It was not the typical dumpsite you would see in the televisions were it was manifested by flies and worms. Not just the household waste you can see the place but those human wastes were also used for better purposes. They have this every four years of clogging routine in your septic tank so that your septic tank won’t leak and pollute the air. I could remember that the lecturer told us that this would take 30 years to fill the whole area. After that, they will cover it with grass and make it as a hill just like in Germany. [more information and photos]
Since I don’t have a photo of the ECOSAN toilet, I grabbed this from [x].
In the site, you would be able to see the popular toilet in town, the ECOSAN toilet. It is a waterless toilet where you don’t need to flush a pile of water to clean up your waste in the toilet bowl. You just need to pour on the ashes after you excrete your waste so that it won’t spread its foul odor. This great waste management system that Bayawan City has really promotes a healthy environment for the citizen. This shows that it is never too late for the people to act against pollution because if the people in Bayawan can manage their waste well, then the people in Dumaguete City or in other part of the country can do to. It is just a matter of determination and trust that we can all do it. Supposedly garbage wastes or human wastes are gross but they made it eco-friendly so that people won’t disgust on making “cleaning” as their priority. Moreover, this inspires the people to have a mentality of keeping the environment tidy which could be a big help for the next few years.


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