Bayawan Educational Tour 2012 Part 3: Sugar Cane Plantation


What’s in your mind when you first saw this? Please Excuse the low quality photo. I know you would first think of it as a sand but this is a mountain of sugars. Sweet isn’t it? Who would have thought that a part of our Educational Tour is to see this Pile of Sugar in Bayawan City.


This was the sweetest part of the trip because we were able to see how sugar was processed. We were able to see the molasses and even taste them.
It was my first time to visit a sugar cane plantation or a sugar factory. The place was like you see in the movies were kidnapped “bidas” in a soap opera were kept. Hahaha.




Guess what, there were no ants in the area for the fear of getting a tooth ache and diabetes. Haha. Nooo, kidding. There were no ants because sugars have high alcohol content which makes them dizzy. So, at the moment, we were the ants in the factory because we were just picking those sugar and eat it. So sweet, I tell you.


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