Bayawan Educational Tour 2012 Part 2: Biodiesel Laboratory and District Jail

Bio-Diesel Laboratory in Baranggay Cancabon


The Bio-Diesel Laboratory in Baranggay Cancabon is the place where biodiesels are being made of. Biodiesel is a substitute fuel which is derived from plants most especially the tuba-tuba plant and this can be used for the existing diesel engines and there’s no need for modifications. The advantage of this is that it has lesser and cleaner emissions than the commercial product. It is bio-degradable and safer to handle and it is renewable, so it can be locally produced. The difference from the commercial product is that it is less 1% on its efficiency however, it has 0.9 % cleaner emission than the commercial product which is 1.9%. A question was raised from my classmates on why this bio-diesel was not promoted to the people.
Tuba-Tuba Plant
The lecturer calmly answered that the BIG THREE (Petron, Shell and Chevron) won’t permit such decision or else they would be “lugi” with their company. Oh well, I guess this is so selfish because we all know that air pollution gives threat to our mother earth. Somehow, they should do something about this because we need a cleaner air to breath and a healthy environment to live. [more information Bayawan City Diesel Project]
Bayawan District Jail (BJMP)


We have two sites that were not in our itinerary yet we had a chance to pass by. The first site was the BJMP which was just near the Bio Diesel Laboratory. This is my second time to get inside a District Jail. The first one was when I had my NSTP in first year. The place was crowded with newly shaved head prisoners. The temperature was too high with smelly sweats when you get at the center of the north wing and south wing. I just overheard this story that there was one person got prisoned because he stole one fruit of coconut. It was only one fruit of coconut yet the consequence was years in jail. 
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